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Adventures on the Way to High-Value Care

No description

Hospital Birth Decisions

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Adventures on the Way to High-Value Care

3 Math credits
Algebra, Geometry, and another math
4 English credits
3 Science credits
Biology and 2 other science courses
3 History credits
U.S. History, Government, and World History
1 Fine arts credit
1 Foundation of Technology credit
1 Gym and Health credit
2 Foreign Language credits
3 Elective credits
Graduation Requirements
To a great degree, you can choose
how your health care story unfolds, too.

The more you know about quality and cost,
the more likely you'll be to get the care that
is best for you.
You love to play team sports.

But during a weekend game, you hurt your knee—and your doctor recommends surgery.

Naturally, you have lots of questions….
An Adventure in Health Care

Upward Bound
Career Research and Development
World Language
Project "Lead the Way"
International Studies
Jim Henson "VPA" Program
Business and Finance Academy
AP Classes

United States History
Government & Politics
World History
Human Geography
Calculus AB (BC is online)
French 5, Spanish
Art History
Studio Art
Digital Art
English Literature & Composition, English Language & Composition
Music Theory
You choose…
to skip the research. You do not
consider other options.
Looks like you've veered off the trail and landed in a bad spot.

When you make decisions without understanding your options, you can end up with low-quality, high-cost care.
Remember those
"Choose Your Own Adventure" books?
As you read the story, you'd choose what the hero did next. So, each book had many possible endings.
Los requisitos de graduación

3 créditos de matemáticas
Álgebra, Geometría, Matemáticas cualquier otro
4 créditos en inglés
3 créditos en ciencias
Biología, los otros dos cursos de ciencias
3 créditos Historia
Historia de los EE.UU., el gobierno y la historia del mundo
1 crédito Bellas artes
1 Fundación de Tecnología de crédito
1 Gimnasio y el crédito de la Salud
2 créditos Lengua Extranjera
3 créditos de libre elección
Upward Bound
Carrera Reasearch y Desarrollo
Idiomas del Mundo
Proyecto Lead the Way
Estudios Internacionales
Jim Henson "VPA" Escénicas
Negocios y Finanzas Academia
Las clases de AP

Gobierno y Política
Historia del Mundo
Geografía Humana
Historia de Estados Unidos
Cálculo AB (BC en línea)
Francés 5, Español
Historia del Arte
Estudio de Arte, Arte Digital
Inglés Literatura y Composición
Idioma Inglés y Composición
Teoría de la Música
Let's take an adventure
in health care!
higher risk of complications and medical errors
negative experience with doctors and nurses
poor health outcomes (longer recovery, more surgery)
higher out-of-pocket costs
Risky choice!

Where does it put you?
You did your research. Then, you compared cost and quality information together to get…

the health care you needed
when you needed it
at the cost you expected.
Low-quality care can mean…
You'd try for the best ending—
the kind where you'd
find the treasure
and live happily ever after.
Will you put aside all of those questions and
follow the doctor's orders?

Or, will you ask questions, get answers, and then use information about the cost and quality of your health care options?
Decision time!
Should I get a second opinion?

Which surgeons and hospitals are
in-network for my health plan?

How much will surgery cost?

Which hospitals do best treating
my type of injury?

How do I pick the best surgeon?
You're looking for the best possible care for you, which means that you…

get the care you need at a reasonable price
steer clear of unnecessary care
avoid complications and medical errors
have a good experience with doctors, nurses, and hospital staff.
Your adventure begins…
Your decisions affect where your
health care adventure will take you.
In a matrix of cost and quality,
low-quality care
looks like this…
Note that low-quality care can also be expensive care.
This isn't the path you really want. Go back and try again.
You choose…
…to be informed! To gather information, you can:

call your health plan to find out what you can expect to pay for health care

search online to compare the quality and costs of local hospitals and doctors' offices.
Your knee is healing fast.
Soon you'll be back in the game.

You're happy with your care. Plus, the bill was about what you expected.
Now that's a
happy ending!
These two Web pages are good places to begin researching health care cost and quality data:

Hospital Compare:

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Health Care Quality Director:
Well played.
Health Care Hint
When you're more informed, you can…

understand your choices
consider your needs and budget
pick the choice that's best for you.
High-quality care does NOT mean
high-cost care.

In fact, the price of surgery varies
a lot—as do the quality of care and patients' satisfaction with their care.
Health Care Hint
Great choice!
Based on your research, you choose a hospital and the surgery goes well.

As you recover, you realize you're having a high-quality health care experience.
In a matrix of cost and quality,
high-quality care
looks like this…
Cost and quality of care can vary a lot. In fact, the cost of your surgery could range from $45,000 to $125,000! It pays to shop around. And, remember: high-cost care does not mean high-quality care.
High-quality care can mean…

lower risk of complications and medical errors
positive experience with doctors
and nurses
good health outcomes (shorter recovery,
long-lasting effects)
lower out-of-pocket costs.
Excellent move! Research takes a little time, but it's a wise investment.

Now you're ready to make a decision.
Picking the path that's
right for you
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