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Rebuilding Together Rohnert Park/Cotati Strategic Plan 2014 - 2016

Executive Director Strategic Development/Marketing Two Year Plan

Nicole Weld

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of Rebuilding Together Rohnert Park/Cotati Strategic Plan 2014 - 2016

Expand Donor Base
Increase Volunteers
SWOT Analysis
National affiliate
Strong need for services
Positive public image
Volunteer/donor conversion
Social media
Annual event celebration
Storytelling blogs
Participation & funding
Establish a stronger connection between RTRPC and its donors
Instill a sense of true appreciation for their contributions
Establish Stronger Donor/Organization Relationship
Annual fundraiser event at a central Rohnert Park/Cotati location, honoring generous Donors and Volunteers

Coordinate “block party” events to celebrate completion of successful rebuilding events
Increase Awareness
Target messages to key volunteer audiences to increase and continue volunteer participation

Leverage existing needs for philanthropic work presenting Rebuilding Together Rohnert Park/Cotati as the solution to volunteer locally
Target Key Volunteer Audiences
Strategic placement of volunteer information throughout both cities that will generate interest among target audiences

Recruit volunteers from prominent companies and organizations in the area by inviting employees to rebuild projects
Leverage Needs for Philanthropic Work
Create a Rebuilding Together Rohnert Park/Cotati internship program

Establish strategic partnerships with student organizations

Strengthen RTRPC’s infrastructure and outreach through existing partnerships with educational institutions
Develop ongoing conversation around Rebuilding Together Rohnert Park/Cotati within the community

Capitalize on sharing the story of previous rebuild recipients
Develop and circulate “Involvement” video through social media, website, online newsletter, etc.

Develop and circulate “happy homeowner” video series to share stories throughout various media channels
Develop Ongoing Conversation in Community
Optimize use of social media to inform and engage key audiences, creating a forum for RTRPC’s volunteers and donors to share experiences

Develop a Rebuilding Together Rohnert Park/Cotati blog to create custom content related to the organization and its efforts

Create a Rebuilding Together Rohnert Park/Cotati ad
Key Messages
Donors: Rebuilding and restoring the Rohnert Park/Cotati community

Volunteers: Contribute to their community, in their own backyard

Media: RTRPC works toward a better city, improving the lives of 60,000 low-income homeowners, one home at a time
Position RTRPC as the quintessential rebuilding organization

Target outreach to local and philanthropic trade media
Positioning SGN in community as
Quintessential Healthy School Resource
Draft an op-ed piece about SGN's mission and history detailing the work we have done, our community partners, and our goals for the future.

Capitalize on relevant trends in social media

Adapt a vision that embodies a clear connection between our mission and other local initiatives.
Leverage Needs for Philanthropic Work
Develop comprehensive media lists of contacts at local outlets (broadcast and print), philanthropic trade publications and relevant bloggers

Compile an editorial calendar

Invite local print and broadcast media to RTRPC events and rebuild days
Mission Statement
School Garden Network promotes and supports school garden programs throughout Sonoma County.
We empoweyouth to embrace r healthy eating habits and to develop respect for and stewardship of all living things.
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