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Copy of Mary Kay Cosmetics

No description

Shaine Santos

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Mary Kay Cosmetics

Defining the objectives
Current Perception
Marketing Challenges
Consumer Analysis
Starting a Conversation
Desired Perception
Big Idea
Suggested Creative Executions

Mary Kay
Current Perception:

+pricey we can’t change, but we can change how people think about quality and that will then make price seem more reasonable, take up the slack so to speak.

We as creatives often think “this is
ad” and Clients think “this is
product” in this case, both parties are wrong.

The strategy you are about to see takes into consideration three main objectives:

Concept Created By:
-Missy Hibbard
-Tim Newborn
1. How do we sell more products to millennial women?

2. How do we find an effective way of getting more millennial IBC consultants?

3. How do we generate genuine custom content for marketing purposes?

We believe their own selling tactics and methodologies are their enemy.
As the times changed, they didn't.
We need to be face to face not up in your face.
Specific Areas To Improve Upon
Success of a brand in the market is largely based around the fact that a consumer has access to it.

Mary Kay needs to be mindful to optimize any touchpoints ensuring each customer gets a Professional, Modern and most imporant STRESS FREE consultation which persuades them to make a more well informed purchase at their convenience.

From packaging to media placement this approach maximizes the possibility and willingness to positive positive word of mouth referrals from their own experience with the product.

Participants said their makeup is (minimal/fresh/natural) which can be translated in the way most cosmetic brands already do ads ...a girl walking through a flower field with slow movements and beautiful lighting with little makeup or it seriously is fake on a whole new level of fake like every other cookie cutter ad or it could be
Direct and truthful
… Life isn’t a field of flowers, or 17 pairs of fake lashes, but it’s not negative either its a number of things for a number of women. The last thing they need is to be lied to, so let’s lift the veil on the cosmetics industry and tell the truth. This isn’t dove truth is beauty… this has nothing to do with your beauty, but it’s about not bullsh*tt*ng you as a consumer.
--It’s about not selling fake promises.

While conducting primary research we discovered that internal, as well as external, brand communication is lacking.
90% of participants we interviewed said they purchase makeup in store and the majority spent anywhere from $10 to $30 dollars.
They’re somewhat loyal but mostly care about quality and convenience.
They would like to see socially responsible companies, but it’s not a must for them to use the brand.
Most likely they wouldn't use a beauty consultant, but if so, incentive and professional advice is most cherished.

Survey Monkey
Pg 136
Article: Baby-Boomer Marketers Are Misreading Millennials' Media Behavior
"Clearly, millennial consumers are way ahead of the marketers, who should be laser-focused on winning them over to their brands and gaining their loyalty. "

-Visual Storytelling is key

-Communicate effectively through the proper channels, they do not feel compelled to seek their fashion and beauty direction from magazines that served as bibles for older generations. They’re here to innovate and you better be too or you’re going to miss the millennial boat. TV isn’t an actual thing with millennials, but an idea of videos entertainment TV is YouTube, third party websites and your phone, be mindful of this.

-Just because makeup makes these girls feel “put together” or “confident” keep in mind it’s not the makeup itself, but how they use it. If they use it they can look dramatically different with a smokey eye or with lack of technique they can easily become a clown.

-Ensure that it doesn’t take much effort on her end to learn or experience your product.

-Provide her with TRAINED professionals artists with good communications skills are most likely to make this a positive experience for her and to compliment her. Essentially, we’re looking for the non judgemental gay best friend Archetype.

Desired Perception:

We can do this with a specific positioning strategy that clearly defines that MK is all of those things. Other categories have already been filled Color/Mac, Price/Maybelline, Covergirl/Diversity and Acceptance, Urban Decay/Hip and Edgy etc. We need to carve out a place for MK brand that isn’t in the old and busted category.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your style is we work for you. In a way like absolute works for the artist you can have your own style but we can help you make it look fierce.

The days of Knocking On Front Doors is OVER.

If a brand, most any brand is going to successful in the future it has to be digital. Digitial is to include a dynamic user friendly interface on any platform web design, app design, social media. And secondly, digital diversification is key allowing the millennial to experience the brand on his or her platform in her own way. First and foremost brands need to be digital Show examples who’s doing digital correctly and successfully.

We propose that NSAC follow a content strategy which is touch point centric and with the consumer in mind. One that is driven digitally at it's core, but filled with face to face interactive experiences.
We call this approach:
Propagation By Education
Mary Kay once was the innovator in beauty, bring them back to that standard in an innovative and once again revolutionary way.
and video is
content and create a buzz within the makeup industry.
--Don’t make a splash, create a custom content tsunami*
Brands have always been a promise of quality and addressing personal needs and this is how they build loyalty--people want to recreate previous good experiences and brands help them to do it easily. In the future, this quality of experience will depend on helping people to understand and manage how much they consume, not just offering pleasure, efficiency and consistency.
At this point,
“these are
strategy and planning are key to successful creative execution. This is where we started.

How do we expect our consumers to stay loyal when we aren't even loyal or consistent to our own staff?

GEN X ladies are no easy sell on getting them to promote your product. Your entire cooperate structure and internal communications needs to be straightened out. Providing a clear and easy non tiered way for the a single consultant to speak with the brand is important, not just having her to speak to 'Jan' down the road who has sold more product than she has. Chances are Jan has no training and is just doing a little better that you are.

ACTUAL TRAINING REGIMENS WITH PROFESSIONALS NEED TO BE IN PLACE. There needs to be a sense of quality control.
-No one wanted to go to the parties.... KILL them. At least until we have a better brand image.
Acknowledging Mary Kay’s current perception is important, consumers need to know that we know they don’t like us and why. And most importantly show them how we are changing it.
-Don't disregard facts. Makeup isn’t the social aspect of MK. Women don't congregate and do their makeup together, it's annoying there's one mirror and it's an intimate experience. They mostly all exchange clothes, but makeup is all an individual personal experience. We watch tutorials and do our own research about makeup.
"I started wearing makeup when I was 15 my mom never really wore any makeup when I was 15 I started wearing blue sparkly eyeshadow and then I got a bobbi brown book with a few tips and they helped me. I was very grateful."
Realize makeup is sacred. Only if you
really, really
trust your friends, do you take their makeup suggestions.
Most of us don’t consider things with makeup until it’s passed down to us like filling in your eyebrows, or trying a new way to apply lipstick.
-Millennials don’t have a disposable income. And since we can't provide them with options due to the unique business, we can make it easier for them to make responsible and informed decisions on how to get the most for the least.
"We want to get MAC, but can only afford to get a little at a time, but what we can do is go to the pharmacy and the reason they are so successful is because they have a great selection and I usually pick the one thats on sale… "
Kill the Independent Beauty Consultant.
No one wants to be an 'Independent Woman' unless you were raised in the 50's or Beyonce. Independent worked 30 years ago because you could be a strong woman and have a job and do it yourself! But realize now that times have changed.
The draw of independence isn’t enough to make someone want to be a consultant.
Serving tables you’re independent also so what makes Mary Kay better than that? Also back then the world was a bigger place and there was no variety of makeup. You could’t go online and read reviews, but now you can and we have to change with the times. Back then women were a lot less informed that’s why being consultants and having makeup parties worked, people didn’t have access to Sephora. Now, the worlds so much smaller… planning in advance would be a burden than a convenience.
Give into change and become a strong advocate for it.
Embrace the personal technological experience that comes with being a GEN X lady. We believe that an INTERACTIVE BEAUTY CONSULTANT would be the absolute surefire way to turn the Pink Caddy around before she goes too far down the wrong road.
-Speaking of the Caddy, Bring it back in a big way. It was a cool car in the 50's and then meh... But now, it's back once again an a hip trendy brand
embrace the classic caddy. Become one with the caddy
-Create a twitter campaign
-Create a YouTube Campaign, generate brand channel views that are contact driven, be the face of could be one way. Using YouTube can help compensate the audience fragmentation. Running a campaign on
youtube has a positive impact in terms of brand perception or purchase consideration
. Youtube effectiveness to the budget invested, it’s more efficient that TV. Youtube generates 2Billion views per day and 35hours of video/minutes this is the
platform that can offer this type of reach it is an international structure this is a key advantage since it helps to define global media strategies much more easily and go beyond local specifications.
-Interactive Beauty Consultant can make tutorials and If you like them you can suggest them to your friends and they will gain a following of their own. We should not partner with current bloggers because we are the makeup experts and will gain our own following based on that. Keep it consistent,
we are the beauty experts
Become THE go to girl.
Suggested Creative Executions
Why would you want to become an independent beauty consultant? the common response was nothing. But if we ask them to become an Interactive Beauty Consultant and change the way we treat them I’m willing to bet that change in verbiage will quite drastically change the definition in a positive way so that millennial women are more open to the idea.

Interactive is a network of consultants that you are an equal part of. Independent is exactly how it sounds, you're left by yourself.

transitioning from Independent or (alone) consulting to an invitation to be an integral part of a larger community which you set your own hours and ways to sell.

Why sell with Mary Kay? The hours, the fact that MK is making connections for you that you just have to follow through, employee discounts, Free In Depth Makeup Education in salesmanship and Not an underpaid job that you hate to go to this is a job that you can do and actually progress while doing it. It’s an actual career that will get you places and the education is yours even after you leave, we just want you to help yourself and other women become educated about investing in your skin.
We Can't Make False Promises

Innovative kiosk placement not just a mall but specifically where can we appropriately placed kiosks where there is an influx in foot traffic of our demographic. Make technology personable Traveling oversize Kiosk that are very much futuristic in design and specifically designed to be inviting possibly consider a sculpture artist to create these so they are inviting for our demographic to enter and explore and entice them to give us permission to enter their lives. Beside these Kiosks have a few on site professionals ready to read your results from your futuristic kiosk consultation they can show you techniques to apply the color and products selected specifically for your skin, skin tone, color, and style. There will be an opportunity before you step out of the kiosk and after you get your makeup done to enter a sweepstakes for free makeup if you share your experience online even if it’s simply to our website or social media sites. If you get a photo shoot/video shoot for a collaborative ad which is another incentive (get put in a marykay video which will become a well edited spot later in a video great example work covergirl ) getting a makeover you can only get the photos if you share via social media or to our site and you can download them later. (Also do before and after shots.) Serves as the jump off point for conversation going with the brand and is better focuses on the consumer needs.

-It will have video answers to FAQ’s just in case there’s a quick question or if there’s a simple question.
-Speak to a cosmetologist from Mary Kay via digital video consulting get your personal recommendation and then take the readout to a interactive beauty consultant to get your technique advance and a free makeover based on your requests.

All of the digital stuff could part of a larger platform which could provide notes from the cosmotologist from the kiosk or from the makeup artist and you can also see your profile of purchased products and have contact info for consultants. The FAQ videos will be a refrence tool under the portfolio.

Currently there are a limited number of ways to interact with the brand.
If We're Changing The Way Work Internally, Here Are Some Tips On Good Communications Practices

1. Understand staff opinion - regular surveys of the foundation give you the credibility for internal communications.
2. Any internal communications sets out a promise of action or a pledge or an expectation or delivery has to be acted upon listening to the suggestions and acting on them and showing them what has been done is absolutely critical.
3. celebrate success. Organizational assassins are always there, but ensure those who are exceptional performers get credit so they continue doing exceedingly well. Not just by giving one prized pink caddy, but by providing a variation of benefits for doing well.
4.. Variety is important use the simple tool of face to face communications as well as digital. People get so much email already.
5. The way you communicate has to represent the new values of the brand or the business. AVOID CORPORATE SPEAK, we are a company, but we are also first and foremost about people, especially when delivering bad news.
6. communication with the IBC’s needs to be regular, SERIOUSLY.

Be an expert in crisis communication because when a negative article comes out about your brand, because it will, send out positive internal communications because it will affect them when they go out and people ask them about the negative brand review. Equip them with a easy answer to refer to. Respond every time there is any issue. EVERYTIME.

Consistent communication is key.
The female millennial: What is the most effective way to market to her?
Understanding Millennials Part 1
Understanding the Millennials Part 2:
-Allow her to say “yes I want this experience” or “no, I do not want this experience.”

-Communicate with CUSTOM content. Millennials are known to respond more positively and more often to Genuine vs. Generic.

-They prefer an experiential brand after they invite you into their day. Deliver, don’t disappoint. The likelihood of them giving you a second shot isn’t great.

-Promote less consumerism instead of making them buy all your products at one time, have them buy smarter, so they come back for the odds and ends.

-Don’t be pushy:
“I've never particularly enjoyed them, mostly because I was much younger at the time. I have also never been a fan of someone telling me I *have* to wear makeup to be pretty or socially acceptable.”

-Information is key. Keep the consumer informed to make wise decisions, they’re smarter than we give them credit for simple is better no buzz words/don’t talk over them.
“I am actually a cosmetologist, I am wary of beauty consultants because they are not usually licensed and sometimes not even trained.”

-Establish first or secondary touchpoints that allow for individualized attention so that there is time for a relationship to develop between the IBC in the consumer so that they feel more comfortable in a group situation later if there’s a IBC party. (this applies to career IBC’s not the moms who sell it for fun. These ladies are largely responsible for moving the product.
“I learned a lot, however had a hard time having personal attention on the subject.”
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