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Learn and explore Minecraft in this prezi learn about armor, tools, redstone,mobs and more all in this one prezi!!!

Devon Booth

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Minecraft

Minecraft Bow
Minecraft Hoes
Normaly used for harvesing but if you have nothing
else to use for combat go ahead.
Mostly used for chopping down trees but you can use it for a weapon.
Basic Weapons
Minecraft Swords
This is the main weapon
in Minecraft
Enemys are a big part of Minecraft. There are lots of shapes and sizes. Some commen mobs at night are the zombie and creeper. Some rare mobs are spider jockeys.
You can breed sheep with wheat
You can breed cows with wheat
You can breed chickens with seeds
You can breed pigs with carrots or wheat
You can breed horses with wheat
You can breed cats with fish
You can breed dogs with any kind of meat (Even rotten flesh!)

Breeding Animals
Mining and Crafting
Minecraft is a 3D game of placing, breaking and creating other blocks. You have to be careful when the sun goes down because dangerous monsters will come out and attack you.
Armor is a crucial piece of equipment that you will need to survive minecraft. Especially The End.

You can make armor out of any type of materials. Here is a list of materials you can use:
Leather, Chainmail, Iron, Gold and Diamond
You can only get chaimail armor by trading with villagers with Emeralds.
This is a deadly ranged weapon.
Mining and Crafting is essential to Minecraft because in order to build things you need to mine and craft. you'll need to get blocks to create houses, mansions, castles, sky bases, underground houses etc. Houses are also essential so you can put your extra stuff into chests and so you can hide when its night if you dont have a bed. You need to make sure you don't use all your items at once otherwise you will lose them items and will have to find more which will take some time because you have to find it again or it might run out.
Ores are special materials that can be mined and crafted into different tools and blocks. The better the material the faster and more durability it will have. there is also an ore that you can find in the Nether. That ore is Quartz, although you can only create it into blocks.
You can dye leather armor with dye by draging
it and placing it on the armor.
Boss Mobs
There are lots of shapes and sizes of bosses in minecraft like The Ender dragon and The Wither. But beware, they are very powerful, so fight them with enchated diamond armor and a knockback sword.
You can create a lot of things with diamonds but they are quite hard to find. If you create a strip mine you will probably find some. You can create diamond armor and diamond tools.
In the Nether there is Zombie Pigmen, Ghasts, Wither Skeletons and Magma Slimes.
To create a Nether portal you need to have at least 10 pieces of obsidian. Place 2 obsidian on the bottom then place 2 dirt on the sides then place 3 obsidian on top of the dirt then place another 2 dirt blocks, after that place 2 obsidian blocks between the top dirt blocks. Then on the bottom left hand corner you place flint and steel and then a portal appears. Stand in the very centre of the portal and wait there for a while and you will be transported to the Nether!
You can make helmets, chestplates, leggings and boots.
Devon Booth
Cody Dundon
Luke Yeates
Joe Venning
Zane Elphinstone
Joshua Cvitan
Aaron Cameron
Jeandre Van Zyl
Hidden Mineshafts
Horses can also wear armor
Sometimes while you are minning you will probably come across a underground mineshaft but be careful because there are cave spider spawners. In the under ground mineshaft you will come across gold, diamond and redstone ore that has been left behind and hidden chests.
The Nether
There are lots of tools in minecraft like the shovel, hoe, pickaxe and the axe.
In Minecraft you can spawn 2 main types of golems, a snow golem and an iron golem. You can make a snow golem by stacking 2 snow blocks upwards and then a pumpkin on top. To make an iron golem you get iron blocks and make a small T shape and put a pumpkin on top in the middle and the iron golem will protect you and villagers from dangerous mobs.
If you breed animals you get baby animals and you can get more animals as you breed
Tools help you do things in minecraft like mine,
chop, dig and plow grass. You can also use many
different materials to get a better result.
Minecraft Weapons
Mostly used for mining but it can be used
as a weapon.
Kylan Watson
Joshua Cameron
About Minecraft

Minecraft is a multiplayer game that can also be played you can create a server for people to join and play you can chat online with your friends if they play.

Minecraft is a complicated game when you firstly start than you start to get the hang of it and you will be able to craft and surivive the night and slay mobs
All these weapon can be enchanted.
echanted means that the weapon can upraged
and have diffrent abilities.
For example: Nockback, Fire, Looting. e.t.c
Texture packs
There are thousands of skins, skins are to customize and look cool. You can even create your own skins or just use one someone has created. Some skins are free and others cost money.
Texture packs change the look of minecraft. there are thousands of different texture packs and some of them are devoted to other games like Halo, Mass Effect and Skyrim. On Xbox you can also get Mash-Up packs and they give you a texture pack and a skin pack.

Redstone is an ore when you mine it turns into redstone dust and you can make redstone blocks and create many different things with redstone. Redstone is known for making repeaters, pistons and sticky pistons.
You can tame certain animals in minecraft and when tamed they will be loyal to you.
But you need a certain food or item to tame them.
The hoe helps you make crops to grow certain foods.
An axe helps you cut down trees and wood items faster.
The shovel helps you dig up dirt, gravel and sand faster andthe pickaxe helps you mine ores and stone faster.
joe what are u doing
Background music:
Zane Elphinstone
Creators of song:
Speed Rail
How to name an animal
First you get an anvil then you get the animal egg you want to tame and put it in the anvil and up the top it should say repair and name where is says that click on it and name your animal whatever you what to call it. after that you will get a new animal egg spawn it then you will have your new named pet.

Dragons-A parody of minecraft
: Radioactive-Imagine Dragons
Herobrine may be in your world he leaves behind leters of his name with glowstone and makes small sandstone pyrimids in deserts and inside it is a chest. herobrine also removes the leaves of trees and makes the tree trunks bare. You can also spawn herobrine by making a totem pole. To make it you get 2 gold and stack in like a piller then get a herobrine block place it then get netherack and place it on the very top then get some flint and steel and light the top then herobrine will start to spawn.
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