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Globalization: Impact of Trash

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Joanne Nguyen

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Globalization: Impact of Trash

Local Landfills
Landfills generate methane gas which is explosive and contributes in greenhouse gases. Run off from the landfills consisting of leachate cause pollution, in rivers.
Large Amounts of Waste
We want to enforce the idea of grocery stores putting their items in bulk. This will reduce the use of plastics bags and packaging. Instead of putting items into plastic bags, consumers put their items into a reusable bag or containers they bring from home. We are trying to incorporate this idea into bigger franchises or create new stores that will provide this service. People will usually forget to bring anything with them the first couple of times, but these stores will provide them with paper bags. It usually takes costumers three times visiting the store empty handed to remember.
As people become more accustom to the ability to choose the amount the consumer buys, while remembering to bring their own containers. People start to feel more positive, knowing they are improving the world. This "trend" will spread due to communications online due to revues, the news and positive impact.

Waste that is found in the ocean is usually caused by beach-goers, fisheries, etc. The trash found at the beach is mostly plastic bottles, plastic bags. The plastic is broken down by the salt from the water overtime into little fragments. The little plastic fragments are still lethal to the marine life. Plankton have been caught on to the pieces and have been fished up by people who are trying to clean it. The pieces also get stuck onto coral reefs.
Benefits, Economically
Because of the change of how grocery stores will sell their food, they save money on packaging. There could be more advertising for consumers to buy reusable containers. This will also benefit the existing corporations joining the change.
Globalization: Impact of Trash
1.35 Billion Pounds of Waste
is Created Every Year
In the United States
Gases released from incinerators are absorbed by the clouds and is released in the form acid rain. Ash created by incinerators contains heavy metals and many other toxins. Both gas and ash contains dioxins.
Waste is known to be floating in the ocean, strangling, choking and eventually killing various creatures such as sea otters, whales, seagulls and numerous fishes.
Not only does the waste harm animals but they also wash up onto other countries causing complaints. Mostly from Italy and Western Europe to Lebanon.
Pollution in our Oceans
As water runs off from landfills into rivers, the toxins travel through the water resources slightly poisoning the the nations supplies.
National Waters
As time goes on, people are starting to realize that the green changes we make are for the better. The parties that are in charge now can benefit greatly by joining the idea. If they reenforce this idea, people will see that they are doing this to help the future. People will mostly vote for this party again seeing that they are changing for the good of their future.
By: Bryanna Quach & Joanne Nguyen
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