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Sonnet 73: Autumn and Affairs

No description

Audrey Ngo

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Sonnet 73: Autumn and Affairs

Sonnet 73: Autumn and Affairs
Presented by: Audrey Ngo

words words words
Disclaimer: Funny video, two bad words, summary of my opinion.
mine noble conclusion
- Sonnet 73 is a beautiful, airy, and melancholy text of pretensiousness.

- True love is the only topic that great writers publish.

- Who am I to dictate Shakespeare's thug life?
we ye carry mine child?
Shakespeare: Hey girl, if you look at me right now, you'd understand my feels for you.
Girl 1: Excuse me?
Shakespeare: I love autumn and you especially. You're gorgeous.
Girl 2: Why thank-
Shakespeare: Let me compare you to a dying tree.
Girl 3: I think I love you too.
Shakespeare: GOOD. I mean- love dies ever so quickly and such and you know it will sink to the bowels of he-
Girl 4: Hey cutie. ;)
Shakespeare: Remember me as I will not you. Will you understand my feels, maiden I've never met before?

Shakespeare was wack
- explain why excessive feels are bad

- why was he so thirstayyy?

- so sonnets aren't all about love?

- did we really have to act it out?
allow me mine testifies
and now, a short demonstration on the oh so slim shady Shakespeare moves

1 male, 4 females
state thy reason
Shakespeare was a man with worldly interests.
get thee to a... scansion?
- scansion: Describing the rhythms of poetry by dividing the lines into feet, marking the locations of stressed and unstressed syllables, and counting the syllables.

- Shakespeare was quite fond of iambic pentameter, but why?
(was he a secret medival spy?)
(who speaks like this anymore?)

- In conclusion, I.P. is incredibly important!
le structure of fancy sonnet
- typical iambic pentameter: a line of verse that consists of five iambs

- iambs: an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed one
i.e. "before" be-FORE

- completed with a lovely couplet

- and yes, there is a reason why the couplet is important and all the stuff
Wherefore art thou gist of presentation?
Sonnet 73 by William Shakespeare is a piece that embodies one of the author's more reflective and melancholy visions of the ever repetitive cycle of an aging romance.

(now explain in tired IB student words)
Now ye olde child, read thy sonnet with an airy pretension
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