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Digital Footprints

No description

Abbie Wheeler

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Digital Footprints

By: Lacey Smith, Abbie Wheeler, Sean Smith, Kyle Henthorne, and Shamas Jewitt Digital Footprints What are digital footprints
and a digital citizen Digital Footprint- information about yourself
from the internet.
Digital citizen- a person who participates
in an internet society. Positive digital footprints Negative digital footprints -inappropriate language
-bad pictures
-rude comments you put on Facebook,Twitter...etc -good communication skills
-good/ appropriate language
-appropriate pictures Maintain a positive footprint -Say nice things(don't be rude or mean to people online)
-Don't bully anyone
- if you see someone getting bullying then report that person. Work cited page wordle.net
google images
google In the future, your "Digital Footprint"
will carry far more weight than,
anything you might include on a resume. Quote
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