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Reverse Vending Machine


Abbel Lampa

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Reverse Vending Machine

MEAN GREEN MACHINE Powered by SMART Plastic Bottle Buyer DUMPED Some of them
are sent to landfill LANDFILL Putting solid wastes
in landfills is costly. DECOMPOSITION A single plastic bottle takes
around 450 years
to decompose How about
the others? RECYCLED among Plastic
bottles are being
COLLECTED Local Authorities manage
the plastic bottles to be
SEPARATED Plastic Bottles are

from other wastes.
Unsuitable items are sent
to landfill. SOLD Then squashed
into cubes and are

to reprocessing plants. REPROCESSED The bottles are now

- sorted into different plastics
chopped into flakes,
washed and decontaminated. PRODUCT
MANUFACTURE Recycled plastics might be
used to make: new plastic
bottles, garden furniture
wheelie bins and the likes. Did You Know? The remaining
2/3 of
Plastic Bottle
Wastes Only 1/3
of total waste PLASTIC BOTTLE You Consume
what's in it... BUT WHAT
ABOUT IT? The Rest? Plastic Bottle is one of the main
contributors of flood here in the
Philippines. This To this! Do It The SMART Way! Engineer Install Maintain Low Energy Cost
9V operated Automatic Material
Detection Built-in LCD
Display Coin and Candy Dispenser Anti-shake
Feature SMART Monitored Device OR = Plastic Bottle Coins Candies Schools Shopping Centers Business
Facilities Community Storage Bin Full Out of Candy Vibration Protection Alert Triggered Out of PHP 1.00 Coins Out of 25cents coins Storage Bin Full Ready for Collection
and Maintenance GSM Monitoring Storage Bin Coin Dispense Candy Dispense Vibration/Disturbance Alert Partner Company We MEAN to be GREEN Location: PUP
Bin: Full
Candy: OK
Coins: OK
Vibra: OK Polytechnic University of the Philippines
Sta. Mesa, Manila Electronics and Communications Department Student Leader: LAVA, Ma. Abegail R.
CERVANTES, Mary Antonette M.
LAMPA, Abbel S.
LURIZ, Ronald John P.
NUQUE, Ryan F. Mentor: Dr. Ben B. Andres Uncontrollable Factors:
Typhoons, Monsoons, Heavy Rains Solid Waste Controllable Factor: Flood Facts: We can make a BIG Difference
from Changing... Recycling makes Cents! And with Live more. Simply Amazing!
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