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Design in Costuming

No description

Macon Wooley

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Design in Costuming

Design in Costuming an introduction Explanation Conclusion Golden Rule Parting Quote A focal point Historical themes recognition shape symbolism compare the following pictures Compare the following pictures Compare the following pictures Opening Example notice the use of shapes in the preceding character armor designs.
Sphere: connection, comfort, sensuality, love
Square: order, logic, containment security
triangle: energy, power, dynamic movement Designs must be clear in their meaning and their purpose
remember your time limit:
Average Shot Length (ASL): 3-6 sec.
Average Scene Length(film): 3-5 min.
Average cutscene length: 1-5 min.
remember: you must make your design known in that much time, and with little to no exposition dialogue. A good design will have,
A focal point: a main theme or object in your design that you wish to get across.
Supports: this assist your main theme, add to it, NEVER distract. Designs are NEVER art.
Designs are to be treated as product.
Consider art as a language: if you can speak English, you can write your thoughts unimpeded. The same is done between art and design. "To be a successful creative artisan, one must be persistently curious, have a good memory, and an appreciation of the world around, from the insignificant to the impressively large. Every design challenge resonates with something related to human society, human recognition, human sensibility, and human desire for fulfillment. Designers are manipulators of iconic familiarity, producers of innovative response to specific direction, and purveyors of original interpretation of what sometimes is the mundane. success is the end result, no the in-progress activity."
-Syd Mead the use of historical similarities in costuming allows for themes present in the past to be re-done in the present for the audience. The Good... and the Bad... Color Coordination
color coordination is crucial to a design, both in sending a message and in appeal. Examples color trick
warm colors: excitement, power, extrovert
cool colors: reserved, subdued, introvert Examples Examples Examples Art-
meant to be beautiful Design-
meant to convey an idea Example
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