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Copy of Copy of Olpers Marketing

No description

Lloyd Suleman

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Olpers Marketing

S.W.O.T analysis Marketing
Olpers milk is Engro Food Limited standardized and homogenized pure UHT (ultra heat treated) milk with 3% fat and 9% solid non fats.
It has low cholestrol. Beneficial for the all age groups (children, youngsters & elderly people).
They are a strict follower of Pak Food Laws, and follow the contents defined by them for ingredients etc.
Their main target audience is the women aged between 25-35, and they want to be an aspiration for women.
Differentiation Value: Its newest differentiation value is the New Packaging. Engro food was established in 2005.The plant is located at
Sukkur on around 23 acres and has milk capacity of
300,000 liters per day.
Olpers milk, company’s first brand was launched in 2006 on
March 20.
The Company operates through five segments:-
- Fertilizers
- Polymer
- Food
- Power
- Engineering And Automation INTRODUCTION Should manufacture powder milk - to meet domestic demand and save expense involved in importing powder milk.
Should explore the market potential to utilize its full capacity to gain economies of scale in the production.
Should also position its products to the middle-income group like “Everyday” and “NIDO”.
Should also develop an integrated awareness plan to aware the people about the quality of the UHT milk as compared to other pasteurized or loose/fresh milk. RECOMMENDATIONS ACTION PLANS Engro Foods Limited (EFL) announced its vision to emerge as a global player in the food industry with a proposed initial spending of over $200 million.

ENGRO Foods CEO Sarfraz Rehman stated:
"Our vision is to become a fast expanding mega foods company”
Break Even Pricing Strategy
Ramadan Campaign
This Ramadan they have come up with another nice promotional campaign. “Hum Mustafavi Hein” song and a message of Peace for the whole world. The advert features Atif Aslam and Dawood Ali. It is directed by Asim Raza and. he worked fabulously.
Different mareting communication and startegy:
Public relations
Website and internet marketing
According to Mr. Ali Akbar, Director Marketing EFL:

“In order to succeed, you should ALWAYS capitalize on your STRENGHTS and NEVER on your COMPETITOR’S WEAKNESS!”

Having kicked off simultaneously in 20 cities across Pakistan, the launch has been ambitious and currently Olper’s is available in 80 cities across Pakistan. PRICING STRATEGY
Olper’s price is cost- based. They evaluate their costs first and then set prices. Secondly, the Market Penetration Pricing Strategy will be used in order to penetrate in the market quickly and deeply – to attract a large number of buyers .

1000 ml = Rs. 38
500 = Rs. 22
Olpers is sold 3 months expiry date.

Shipping Units
1 Liter (1000 ml ) : 12 packs per carton.
½ Liter (500 ml) : 12 packs per shrink-wrapped tray
¼ Liter (250 ml) : 27 packs per shrink-with 3 month expiry date Their primary consumer target is lower to middle income people who need one milk product to cater to their health and fitness needs. Their secondary consumer target is young individuals who find a need to get in shape without joining in clubs or fitness centers thus they need strong bones.
How a product differentiate from other competitive products in the mind of consumers.
Packaging & product features e.g.  low fat,  whiteners, etc. of all Olpers milk brands.
“Mera Intikhaab” ( Previous)
“Aao Kuch Naya Karein” (current) Produce around 32 billion liters and consumed 17-20 billion rest of milk is wasted due to further processing facilities.
The milk needs to be chilled in first three to four hours otherwise bacteria attacks and overcome the milk.
In 2006, we paid Rs15-16 per litre to farmers but now we collect milk at Rs36-37 per litre. And, this translates into the final price of packaged milk.
Growth in the population of cows and buffalos is comparatively less than the population growth of Pakistan. ISSUES To supply everyone their favourite Olper’s milk and to satisfy the consumer needs and wants.
To provide profit to shareholders and to increase the market share.
Wants to be major player in the food industry which is also evident in our vision: “Elevating consumer delight everywhere.” EFL wants to challenge the industry norms and surprise whoever has eyes on EFL. OBJECTIVES AND GOALS PLACEMENT AND DISTRIBUTION:-
Below are the selection criteria of Olpers for distribution
Market knowledge
Financial strength of distributor
Olpers doesn’t negotiate on price with its distributors; there is a fix markup 4% for all distributors.
At the time of its launch, Olpers milk captured 13% market share of nestle and is now the second largest brand in term of sales.
Budgeting: Their investment in advertisement is as follows:
60% TV, 4.5% Print, 4.0% Radio and 20% Outdoor + B.T.L
In all these mediums their main target audience are 'WOMEN'
Their Main target market is the Upper Class. MARKET DESCRIPTION
Important decision taken by company when to launch a new product in current market. Once the brand was introduced the organization decided to add more product lines in it.

They first understand the people's beliefs, preferences and core needs that can satisfy consumer needs by introducing additional products. The new products of Olpers in the market are Olwell diet milk and Olpers cream. CURRENT MARKETING SITUATION “Our vision is to become a fast expanding mega foods company.
To achieve our vision, the company will initially
focus on dairy by investing a substantial amount
in plant, milk collection capability and marketing.
We are making concrete efforts expand in and beyond
Pakistan; through strategic international alliances,
to eventually become global.” VISION PLACE:
It is distributed through our dealers and suppliers, i.e. Retailers etc.
Newspaper and magazine ads.
Facebook page.
Radio ads.
Television ads.
Attractive and eye catching sign boards of our dealers and suppliers’ outlets 4 P's of Marketing MARKETING ORGANIZATION:- MARKET RESEARCH
Individual Feedback
Survey Questionnaires

COMPITITION EFL has divided Pakistan into five regions for milk distribution namely:
Farmers funds
Milk producer country

PRICE AND COMPETTION- Competition can cause threat for the company in such a way that, it has to maintain its price and come up according to expectation of customers. Brands like nestle, Haleeb have created a great impression in the mind of customers so Engro food has to provide higher quality to their customers against competitors at lower price as they can. COMPETITOR REVIEW:
Engro Food Limited is pursuing competitive pricing strategy for its product. Price of the Olpers milk is determined by the major competitor product’s price like Haleeb , Nestle etc. Syed Danish Haseeb
Anas Dawoodi
Lloyd Suleman
Sauleha Sohail
Hashim Raza MARKETING PLAN CONTROLS Monthly expenses and plan the sales accordingly.
A sales analyst is hired to keep a thorough check on monthly sales. If the expenses are not covered by the sales the managers will look into the matter and will take necessary remedial actions.
Special trainers should be sent to homes of the people to inform them about the usage of this product.
Advertising at the right place; Olwell’s TVC can run during yoga shows in the morning. 
Offer discounts in Ramadan. PRODUCT:
Quality: Excellent
Styling: Just appropriate, suiting your styles
Brand name: OLPER’S
Features: Tasty
Packaging: Cardboard cartons ensuring security and non damage
The ideal price lies between that, which is either too high to produce any demand or one that is too low to produce a profit. Positioning: All purpose daily milk Positioning: Healthy Life style Presented By: The END :) Recent Comparision of Different Brands of Milk Breaking it down brand-wise, you can see that people who prefer milk for drinking prefer Olpers the most (34.5%). Same is the case for tea and shakes. So it’s no surprise to see that most of our respondents preferred the Olpers brand (33.7%)
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