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Industrial and Engineering Technology

No description

Caleb Cohen

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Industrial and Engineering Technology

Architecture and Construction
,Distribution, and Logistics
This is how people get to certain places using transportation.
Science, Technology
Engineering and Math

Industrial and Engineering Technology
Works Cited

Maintenance Installation and Repair
You might be a quality control inspector. They check if the product is at good standers.
Quality Assurance
You might work for small or large businesses and assemble parts of a product.

Manufacturing Production Process Development
You might design products or decide how they are going to be made.
You might install a product into a home or repair a product.
Logistics and inventory control
You might manage the materials that make the products, so nobody has to wait for parts.
Health, safety, and environmental assurance
You might everything is done safely and correctly
Design and Pre-Construction
You build houses and other types of buildings.
You would make blueprints for construction workers to build.
Maintenance and Operations
You repair house, highways and detect problems to fix before they become a major issue.
science and Mathematics
You would work on improving the human environment.
engineering and Technology
You would solve any problems in the design, producing and finalized stages of the product.
Transportation operations
You would drive a kind of transportation to get people where they need to go or you would provide that the cargo or passengers got there okay.
Logistics Planing and Management services
You would be in charge of making sure the product gets to its right location on time for the lowest cost.
Warehousing and Distribution Center Operations
You would make sure items from all over the world get to the right place on time.
Facility and Mobile Equipment Maintenance
You would keep equipment running and fueled.
Transportation Systems/Infrastructure Planning, Management, and Regulation
You would design and operate transportation systems.
Health, Safety, and Environmental Management
You would research, plan and carry out activities to make the environment safer and cleaner.
Sales and Service
You would sell transportation services to people and freight.
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