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Hailey Fulwider

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Addiction

Under the surface
Definition: "Addiction is a chronic,
life-threatening condition
....where someone is so
on a substance...that it begins to have a
negative impact
upon all other aspects of that person's life." (Teen Health and Wellness)
Causes are thought to be....
genetic predispositions
coping mechanism for peer pressure, anxiety, depression
easy access to drugs
rough home life
Young males
are at a higher risk to become addicted, as are those who have had a family member become addicted to drugs
Symptoms include at least three of the following...
inability to stop abusing
withdrawal symptoms
Alcohol Abuse
Alcohol abuse
alcoholism, but may progress to alcoholism
Alcohol abuse characterized by
excessive or problematic
drinking, alcoholism is a
physical dependence
and an inability to stop drinking
Those who have had a
family history
of drinking are more prone to alcohol abuse
People who abuse alcohol sometimes also do
and smoke cigarettes
Symptoms include...
risking physical safety to drink
recurring trouble with the law due to drinking
Signs of Physiological Addiction
1.) Tolerance- the need to take
more and more
of a drug in order to get
the same high

2.) Withdrawal- symptoms such as sweating, tremors, and tension that
occur when someone
stops using
a drug
Drugs and Alcohol
Men and Behavioral Addiction
Women and Behavioral Addiction
Children and Behavioral Addiction
Age and Addiction
Behavioral Addiction
Brain Changes and Addiction
Newborns and Addiction
What Causes Addiction
Physiological vs. Psychological
Recovery and Treatment
The Tip of the Iceberg

Effects of Addiction
When drugs are used repeatedly over time, tolerance may develop.
Tolerance occurs when the person no longer responds to the drug in the way that person initially responded.
It takes a
higher dose
of the drug to achieve the same level of response achieved initially.
Men between ages 16 and 25 represent the
most vulnerable age group
for behavioral addictions
all of the previously listed addictions
Men are at risk if they...
abuse substances
have depression/anxiety
are perfectionists
have low self esteem
have poor social skills
Suicide is prevalent among men with behavioral addictions
is attempted, the addict may experience mood swings, insomnia, depression, headaches, and other physical or emotional symptoms.
Inability to perform satisfactorily at work or to maintain regular hours.
Divorce, losing custody of children, and destroying friendships
Compulsive gamblers and shoppers usually end up with devastating
financial problems.
Exercise addicts often have
prolonged pain
and may have had multiple physical injuries or surgeries
Sexual addictions often result in sexually transmitted diseases and in unintended pregnancies.
Internet and computer game addictions cause eating and sleep disorders, vision problems, headaches
- talking with a psychologist, helps with coping with cravings, avoiding the substance, and dealing with possible relapses
If the patient’s
can become involved there is a better probability of positive outcomes
research shows treatment is
in helping addicts achieve recovery
Addiction to a
Examples include...
the Internet
eating disorders
People try to
anxiety and other emotions such as
and loneliness
Inability to cope
with emotions

Women are more likely to develop
Women with a shopping addiction also commonly have other substance or behavioral addictions
25 percent
of gambling addictions now occur in women.
Feelings of
guilt, shame, and isolation
often keep women from sharing their stories of sex addiction, contributing to under-diagnosis of the disorder
A compulsive sexual addiction places women at
increased risk
for unintended pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases
There is
no age limit
for addictions

Older adults also suffer from addiction
Between 2000 and 2008, admissions for addiction treatment by people age 50+
increased by 70%
Symptoms of addiction are
mistaken for diseases
common to old age

People can
switch addictions
as they get older
Many older people turn to substances and behaviors as a way to
with growing older
The consequences of addiction are usually
for older people than younger people
Brain shows signs of
depression and anxiety
Neurons can be activated that transmit
messages throughout the brain
reward center
of the brain is overused and therefore it requires more and more of the addiction to achieve the same please that it had once achieved
emotional dependence
on the feeling a drug or action gives you
Physiological- goes beyond mental cravings, body has a
physical need
for increasing doses
cocaine, heroin, nicotine, alcohol fall into this category
Alcohol is the
most widely used
substance in the world
In 2011, the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse reported that teen drug abuse is the
#1 public health problem
in America
Drug Abuse
America's prescription drug abuse epidemic has caused a
in the number of addicted mothers – and newborns experiencing withdrawal symptoms – delivering in maternity wards across the country.
The developing baby is
susceptible to harm
from being exposed to the drugs and/or alcohol in the mother’s system
fetal alcohol syndrome'
birth defects
Withdrawal in newborns is very
difficult to treat
Behavioral Addictions
Causes are thought to be...
low self esteem
Symptoms include...
with addiction
seek out or engage in behavior
even if harming
if not able to engage in addictive behavior
kept hidden
from other people
Children and adolescents are just as likely to develop behavior addictions as adults
Usually struggle with addictions related to...
eating, exercise, sex, gambling, technology
Addictions related to eating often turn into an
eating disorder
The most common addiction in adolescents is addiction to video games and the Internet
these addictions can lead to physical, social, mental, and financial problems
How does it affect society?
almost everyone has had some sort of connection to an addiction, whether it was a family member or friend suffering or even yourself
addiction can lead to violence which affects many people
many babies are affected
affects more than one generation
tears families apart
As a society, we can help those in need
get them treatment
tell an adult if you know someone suffering
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