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Kindezi CARE

No description

Rosalynne Duff

on 6 October 2017

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Transcript of Kindezi CARE

The Arts
Art is an action requiring skill and concentration. Together we will explore the performing arts, martial arts, cooking, the visual arts, and the Kindezi art of babysitting and much more!

In Kindezi CARE we will attain knowledge of the importance of art as a developmental therapy for the mind, body and soul.
Kindezi CARE
Accounting Software

Making Parents Happy!
Enrichment Classes
Staff training in Ubuntu: I Am because You are
Can also be translated as: I am, because of you. Defined as a quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity or the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity. Ubuntu gives humanity its sense of interconnectedness and interdependence.
Kindezi CARE
Staff training in Mbongi: The Learning Place
Mbongi: Mbongi is a word in the Kikongo language which means “learning place”.

When people come together to resolve a community problem, the problem-solving meeting is referred to as an Mbongi. The Mbongi assemblies are designed to “plead our case”, and to critique and clarify important social issues which concern us dearly.
The Kindezi School newtwork was founded on the principle, "It takes a village to raise a child." The Kongo people of Africa have a word and a system of teaching designated for this process of learning, KINDEZI. Dr. Bunseki co-authored the book entitled Kindezi. As CARE-takers we must be initiated into this age-old system of nurturing the next generation.
Cultivating, community, consciousness, compassion, creation, culture, communication
Attainment, arts, achievements, advancements, aspirations, adventure
Raising, resilience, respect, reflection, research, relaxation, remembrance
Equipping, enlightening, excellence, evaluation,education, engineering, elevation
The mission of Kindezi CARE is to "enjoy taking and giving special care" to scholars through
culturally relevant child centered activities.

Kindezi is an afrocentric style of babysitting, an art. Kindezi is a proverb that means it takes a village to raise a child.

CARE is a an after-school child care service
provided by Kindezi Old Fourth Ward.

By CARE we mean you will see:
Mindfulness is an awareness
we can cultivate through different activities like walking, sitting or eating .

In Kindezi CARE our approach to discipline is mindful to be reflective and calming. Scholars will participate in various activities to cultivate compassion, empathy, and self-care.
STEM, STEAM, STREAM, it's our dream to see the
foundation of education, reading be explored in our program. Reading to inform your study, or writing to have others informed of your study!

In Kindezi CARE we believe anything is possible! If you can dream it, you can achieve it! Together we can explore our world through STREAM activities, discovering new and exciting information along the way!
Staff training in Kindezi: The Congo Art of Babysitting
Kindezi CARE
Online Registration
Parent Portal
Automated Billing
Security Code for sign-out

We will have Mr. McClenton's Band Class, Coach Andrew's Chess Class, Creative Kids Acting Classes, Splash on Literacy Painting Classes, and much more!!

Classes begin in October!
Hours of operation
Registration fee: $30

Weekly Tuition:$50 a week

A family of 2 scholars: $90; a family of 3 scholars: $110

Enrolled Drop-in: $20

Non-enrolled Drop-in:$5 + $1 a min

Weekly Studio/Tutorial: $30

Director: Rosalynne Duff

Co-Director: Dana Pulkinen

Kindezi CARE is holistic in its approach
to serve the child is three key areas:
Mind, Body, Emotions

Kindezi CARE
Staff trained as CARE-takers

Brain-Based Mindfulness
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