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Copy of Do professional athletes make too much money?

Today's debate class will debate the idea that professional athletes make too much money- PRO or CON

Dawood Younis

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Do professional athletes make too much money?

Do professional athletes make too much money? Let's debate this topic! What do you think? Let your opinion be heard!! Are athletes really that important?

Why do they earn more than
doctors, teachers, scientists, and other important people? How is this fair to other people who work hard and earn average income? People who watch sports do not understand that athletes are always training and practicing to be better and improve. This is an all year job just like everybody else has. CON: Professional athletes earn what they deserve through hard work! Some people may think athletes are just entertainment. They are not role models for children, and can even sometimes behave poorly. What good do athletes do for people besides entertainment? PRO: Athletes do nothing important for people besides entertain us. We should pay Pro athletes alot of money because they are the fastest, strongest, best overall physically-gifted people in our society.

In ancient times, warriors and fighters were also well-paid and treated better than everyone else. They are important for our country too! CON: Pro athletes are modern day heroes A pro athlete deserves to make alot of money because the team they play for makes a lot of money from his performance.

If it wasn't for these athletes, sports would not be as popular. They should be paid a lot to keep them playing there sports. CON: Pro athletes, not teams, are the reason sports make so much money. The athletes are making money from people, it is not their fault. If people think athletes make too much money, stop buying products and going to games that make athletes money. CON: People pay a lot of money to watch sports and see pro athletes. PRO: Sports games and products are expensive because of how much the athletes make. The athletes demand so much money, which causes the prices to be so high for anything sports related. These athletes are greedy! PRO: Yes, I think pro athletes are overpaid!

CON: No, I do not think athletes are overpaid! What do you think? Can you think of any other reasons for PRO or CON? PRO: Athletes are just overpaid. some of their money should go to charity! Some of the players that make a lot of money should have to donate their money to charity at least. The coaches and owners should make the most money, than the players. It's only fair to have it that way, they are more important than the players. PRO: Pro Athletes should not make more money than their coach
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