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Story Analysis

No description

Jackson Kirschner

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Story Analysis

Foundation Major Symbol Point of View Mood Theme A major symbol in this story is the colomber. It represents an obstacle in life, or something that you might fear in life, that is actually something rewarding. The Colomber The point of view is told in
third-person limited. "Stefano saw him turn pale." This creates suspense when Stefano's father sees the colomber.

"I have not pursued you around the world to devour you, as you thought." The colomber said this and this created relief for Stefano. The awards you receive
depend on the risks you
take. by Dino Buzzati Reason for Title Plot Exposition: Stefano is the main character of the story and he encounters a colomber, who he thinks is trying to devour him, according to his father.
Rising Action: Stefano has to resign from the sea and work on land to be safe from the colomber. He makes a living on land until one day he faces his fear and takes on a job at sea. Yet, he still sees the colomber, who has been following him for all his life.
Climax: Stefano grows old and he finally decides to meet the colomber with a harpoon. However, the colomber wasn't there to devour him but there to deliver a gift to him, a pearl. The reason for this title comes from the comlomber being one of the main
characters in the story that makes a
big impact on what happens. Characters Stefano
Stefano's father
The colomber
The crew members Plot (cont.) Falling Action: Stefano takes the pearl but says that it is too late because he is about to die. He tries to hand it back to the colomber but the colomber just says goodbye.
Resolution:Stefano ends up dying at sea holding the pearl, washed up on a coral reef.
Conflict: Man v Society. It is man v society because everyone was telling Stefano that the colomber was an evil animal that wanted to kill him, but it actually wasn't. Figurative Language Ex 1: "That bison-like muzzle, that mouth continually opening and closing." This phrase describes the colomber.

Ex 2: "It's a tremendous , mysterious shark, more clever than man." This phrase describes the colomber.

Ex 3: "It was a splendid sunny day, and the sea was calm." This phrase describes the day on the water and uses a personification in " the sea was calm." Type of Language The type of language is informal
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