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Ancient Aliens

No description

caroline ngo

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Ancient Aliens

Thesis :
The course of human civilization has been influenced by extra-terrestrial visitors.
Megalithic Construction
The Great Pyramid of Giza
In Ancient Aliens, they stated that each stone block is 2-3 tons. Also,the construction of the pyramid was made by tools such as copper and stone tools. There were 3 theories on how the pyramids was built; Single ramp theory, Spiral ramp theory, and the internal ramp theory.
Precision Work:
Puma Punku
Puma Punku is a stone monument group located in Tiwanaku, Bolivia. The intricate carvings are rare and interesting. In Ancient Aliens, they mentioned that the stone monuments were made of granite and diorite.
Ancient Aliens
Megalithic constructions were built during ancient
times. There is a possibility that these constructions were built with the help of aliens. The areas they were built in didn't contain rocks or stone, so how were they able to move heavy stone weighing tons? It is nearly impossible to create these structures today with our modern technology.
The Great Pyramid
of Giza
Ancient Aliens
The Evidence
From the ten pieces of evidence given, I have decided to choose Megalithic construction and Precision work. This presentation will evaluate the accuracy, credibility, plausibility, and any other alternative interpretations shown.
Accuracy: I found the weight of the stone block accurate. As for the tools used to construct the pyramid, I also found the
evidence accurate.
Credibility: Single theory, spiral ramp theory, and internal ramp theory

Plausibility: In Ancient Aliens, they said
that the pyramid was built with the help
of aliens. It was actually the internal
ramp theory.
Accuracy: I found that the stone monuments were actually made of red sand stone and desite. Not all of stones were exactly the same size. They used stone tools. In Puma Punku, there were drag marks discovered.

Credibility: Arthur Ponansky, who backed up Ancient Aliens, said that Puma Punku was 200 B.C. Other processes, such as carving dating and hieroglyphics, said Puma Punku is around 500 A.D.

Plausibility: no because the
stone is actually sandstone so it
can be carved with copper/stone
In conclusion, the course of human
civilization has not been influenced by
Caroline Ngo
Mr. Givens
Why would our ancestors do such difficult constructions/ monuments?
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