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Criminal melbourne

No description

maedeh najafi

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Criminal melbourne

Melbourne has an effective criminal justice system.


Overall the people our group surveyed adds up to 90 people!
Police Officer
Our group that contains 4 people made up 5 survey questions to ask the people who were in CBD Melbourne's CITY.
Survey Questions contains:
Do you think Melbourne is a safe place???
From the 20th -24th of June the year 9's experienced the City. We all had to get in a group of 3-4 and choose a topic we all are interested in.Our topic was Criminal Melbourne and it is called the LAWYERS!
We had to carry out surveys and do an interview.Apart from this we also did some FUN activities.
To test this we did surveys on the general public in the city. We had 3 days to travel around the Melbourne's CBD and do research.We also got to interview a lawyer and a police officer.
Do you think Melbourne's laws are fair???
Whats the biggest and smallest crimes and their punishments?
Why doesn't Melbourne allow death penalties?
What is the punishment for someone who killed someone else?
Whats the biggest crime that happened between 2000-2013?
Why do you think people commit crimes?
What is the biggest crime for teenagers?
One of the people that we interviewed was Sophie Bird who is a Lawyer and works with a Register at the Federal Court.
Have you ever broken the LAW???
Would you like Melbourne to BEAR ARMS?
Do you think Melbourne's laws are fair?
Why do you think people commit crimes?
A lot of people have drug habits so they need to commit crime to make money for their drug habit. A lot of people don't have enough money so they steal a lot of stuff, specially in the city and some people got just the way they've been grown up and they've always done it and so don't stop it.
In what situation are you allowed to shoot?
If somebody threatens our life or somebody else's life, for example if someone pulls a gun on us and they want to shoot us then that's when we can shoot.
Would you change any of Melbourne's laws?
No, I don't think so. I think they're all in place for a reason.
Do you think POLICE treat people fairly???
In conclusion, we discovered that Melbourne has an effective criminal justice system by surveying general public and interviewing specialists. We've also found out that people in Melbourne don't like to bear arms but over all we had so much FUN!!!!!!!!
Police officer Questions
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