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Principles of Organizing a Business Event

No description

Engela Gyldén

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Principles of Organizing a Business Event

Physical closedown
Administrative completions
Principles of Organizing a Business Event
Staff meetings
Task leaders
Social media
Event day
Punctuality, alertness
Welcoming, greeting, assisting
Electronics & equipment works
Last minute alterations >> communication!
Proactiveness; expect the unexpected!
Stay positive
Media coverage
Feedback & contact information
After the event
Stay strong, it's not over yet!
The most accident prone time
Make it enjoyable, everyone wants to go home
Attributes of a Good Event Manager
Organized, handles stress well
Leadership skills, teamwork skills, business skills
Calm, logical, quick thinking, problem solving skills
Inspiring, positive
Professional, diplomatic
Determined, goal-oriented
Mentally, spiritually, and physically sound
D. G. Conway. 2011 edition. The event manager's bible. How To Books ltd

F. Campbell, A. Robinson, S. Brown, P. Race. 2003 edition. Essential tips for organising conferences & events. RoutledgeFalmer

A. Shone, B. Parry. 2004, Second edition. Successful event management. A practical handbook.
Thomson Learning

G. Bowdin, J. Allen, W. O’Toole, R. Harris, I. McDonnell. 2006, Second edition. Events management. Elsevier Ltd.




Before the Event
Deciding the objectives, and other general details
Gather a team, volunteers, and divide tasks
Figure out a budget
Make a draft poster to see the pig picture
Venue and entertainment: booking & reservations
PR and advertising
Any extra equipment needed?
During the event
The 24h check:
- Invitees
- Reminders
- Accessibility
- Venue check
- Rehearsing
- Event kit / goodie bags
(premises & equipment)
- Staff
Big cleaning
Exit routes
Handing the venue over
Final payments
After-event media coverage
something here
Meeting with stakeholders
something here

Group A1
text here
text here
Thank you!
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