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The Cold War Origins 8.1.1

No description

Mark Behnke

on 28 February 2016

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Transcript of The Cold War Origins 8.1.1

The Cold War
8.1.1 The Origins & Beginnings of the Cold War
us v. them
east v. west
capitalism v. communism
good v. evil
God v. Godless
Ideological Differences
political values
economic values
religious values
Yalta & Potsdam
Soviets are mad
Too late
Didn't tell em'
U.S. pissed at them:
No help
No Free
The Iron Curtain Speech
Wake up America...the war is over but we've got a new danger.....commies
Needs a new strategy
Policy of Containment
Anywhere Communism goes America will go and contain its s pread

2nd & 3rd Meetings of Allied Leaders
Winston Churchill
Joseph Stalin
To discuss Europe's Post War re-organization
Truman Doctrine
U.S. give $400 million to Greece & Turkey
It worked because Greece & Turkey don't go Commie.....but it cost $400 million.....what's next??
Good or Bad???
Marshall Plan
Post War Europe needs our help rebuilding
U.S. gives $12.5 Billion to Europe
Good or Bad???
The Marshall Plan works and Western Europe doesn't go Commie....but the cost is up
Berlin Blockade
Agreed to divide Germany up into quarters
Berlin Blockade
Berlin Airlift
brings the
We dropped everything you could think of
USSR had to call off the blockade of Berlin
We spent lots of $$$ but no WWIII & we won the confrontation
In 1949
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
U.S. Canada & Ten Western European Countries joined an alliance
All capitalist & democratic countries
USSR not happy
create the
Warsaw Pact
USSR & Eastern European Communist countries join an alliance
Commie Red
heats up
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