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Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for the Samsung Gal

No description

Kaylin Kerina

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for the Samsung Gal

Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for the Samsung Galaxy SV
The Product
The Samsung Galaxy SV
-5 inch LCD flex display
-4,000 aHm battery
-64- bit processor
-3GB internal RAM
-16 megapix camera
-Androind KitKat 4.4
-Premium Metal Frame
Target Market
- Ages 18 to 35
-High media consumption
-Busy on the go lifestyle
-Parent, Business person, Sports player, Active lifestyle.
Positionin, Price, Distribution
-The positioning of this product is 4 key factors. Price, Performance, Quality, and Status.
-The retail price will be set at $850 and the in store price will be $695
-Distributors will be major phone retailers nation wide, as well as specality sotres that will be determined by demand.
IMC Strategy
-Social Media
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
-Outdoor Advertising
Time Square, Billboards
-Print Ads
Technology Magazines
-Public Relations
Microsite, Pop up Stores, Events
-T.V. Commercial Series
Live slices of life commercials
Rollout Plan
PR & Social Media
-The plan for roll out will beging with buzz markeitng in sociaL media. We want to get the customers interested in the product and spread the word for us. We will as well be debuting the micro site
Outdoor & T.V. Advertising
- This is when we will roll out the Time Square Ads as well as the live advertisements.
Print Advertising
-We will be advertising in all of the technology and gadget as well as business and family magazines with the same slice of life ads.
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