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Gamification of a Math lesson << Money >>

No description

Tien Hartini

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Gamification of a Math lesson << Money >>

Gamification of a Math lesson <<Money>>
Gaming Elements at Play
Game Mechanism in Place
Integration Curriculum
What is Gamification?
"Be nice to nerds.
Research on Fluid Intelligence
Andrea Kuszewski, a researcher with METODO Social Sciences Institute, shared this at Harvard University during a Humanity Summit:
<< Elements of Gaming >>
Seek novelty

Challenge yourself

Think creatively

Do things the hard way

Conclusion >> Gen G >> G-Style.
Gamification promises good things for everyone:
fun for students;
and a better way to engage, teach and test for everyone.
a way for teachers to get and keep students' attention;
It might even develop more common sense.
profits for educational software companies;
Director of Games Research & Development at the California-based Institute for the Future posed this:
It is applying game-like mechanics to existing content.
“Is it possible that rather than distracting us from real goals, that games can be a springboard to real-life goals?”
"Designers are using gamification for everything from
encouraging healthy behaviour to teaching safety awareness to kids."
Chances are you'll end up working for one."
- Gabe Zichermann >> Gamification >>
Students use
a new game

involving real-life skills
>> making pancakes >> fulfilling orders
challenge themselves
to provide quality pancakes >> better quality=more money earned
Students think of
creative ways
to speed up orders for better customer satisfaction
Mode : Self-directed learning (1-to-1 computing)
Mode : Collaborative learning (Ability groupings)
students for accomplishing desired tasks >> challenging levels >> virtual currency
provide a visible leader board
to encourage competitiveness among groups >> collective amount of virtual currency of each group is displayed at end of each round
Students allowed
when they select the virtual gifts from the catalogue >> spending within limits of the amount collected as a group
Recipe for Pancake-Earnia!
Parents and ICT staff involvement
Teacher's guidance and patient facilitation
Students' enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge
Based on the Math topic MONEY
C-Cube Math Manipulatives
[Notes & Coins]
[Shopping worksheet]
ICT Resources
[Computers to access online game]
[AsknLearn Portal to access gift catalogue and email system]

I2 Language of Love
[Personalized message sent through email with virtual gift attached]

basic principles
>> Survival <<
>> Co-operative <<
>> Self-learning <<
Thank you for your kind attention
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