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Self esteem and body image

No description

Yasmeen Briar

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of Self esteem and body image

What Matters Most
By Yasmeen Berryman Assemahli
what is self esteem
Self esteem is something You can't touch, see, or hear, but is always there. It's how much you value yourself, how important you think you are, and how you see yourself and feel about your abilities.
High self-esteem: gives people the strength and flexibility to take charge of their lives and learn from their mistakes without the fear of rejection
Low self esteem: keeps people from realizing
their full potential. A person with low self esteem feels unworthy, incapable, and insecure
Why is it important?
Self esteem important because It helps you feel good about yourself and everything you do.
It gives you belief, and respect for yourself, it gives you courage, and makes you value your safety, feelings and health.

how can it effect your health?
Self esteem can effect your health positively and negatively Positive (good self esteem):
An awareness of personal strengths
Good self care
Negative (bad self esteem)
Negative view of life
Fear of taking risks
Feelings of being unloved and unlovable
Bad self care
Stop buying junk food and start buying more healthy foods (plus eating bad makes you feel sad)
Be happy with your size and have confidence in your body
Have a balanced diet to help your body to function properly (Grow, heal, Repel illnesses and infections, Avoid weight-related health problems ect
Healthy approach to exercise and nutrition
Media - perfect images
The average teenage girl gets about 180 minutes of media exposure daily. Thats 180 minutes of the media inluencing how we dress, look and live. The media encourage us to strive for “perfection” and are always telling us through ads, magazines, tv and various other types of media that we are not good enough as we are, and hint that we should be skinny, beautiful, and that we’ll be happier and better off that way. People are constantly striving to be society’s perception of “perfect” because of this.
Media's effect on teenagers
dress nicely - will make you feel better about you
Have good hygene
Maintain good posture
Work out - helps with confidence
Help others
make yourself stand out, putting yourself out there gives you confidence
Be positive
Dont worry about being 'perfect' and stop comparing yourself to others
learn to love and appreciate yourself
How to get a good self esteem:
The media portrays being healthy is being skinny, but what they fail to show is that every person has a different figure and no one is built the same. Being skinny doesn’t mean you're healthy. A person could be skinny but have an eating disorder, they could be skinny but unfit. Skinny just means a person has less body fat, and shouldn't be looked at as something you should aspire to be, as a lot of these people shown in the media are anorexic or underweight.
The media makes people look like barbie, and what you see in the pictures is not what you get. These people are made to look disturbingly flawless, but in reality they're people like you and me and they have insecurities just like anyone else.
The reality of People in the media
How does it affect me?
I used to grow up seeing all those perfect people in magazines, and it made me feel like i wasn't good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, and to this day it still affects me. I have social anxiety, I'm extremely insecure and most of the time I really hate mirrors. I used to feel like everyone else were roses and I was just a dandelion, but I'm starting to think I'm not that bad after all, because nothing's perfect, not even a rose, and even if I am a dandelion then it doesn't matter because in the end we're all flowers, and I'm the only me I'll ever be so I have to accept it, work it and love it.
Society’s emphasis on being thin equating to beauty can lead to body dissatisfaction, especially in girls, as they continually get shown through media the unrealistic physical ‘ideal’. This has a very negative impact. We see all these pretty people in magazines, online, in the news, almost everywhere we go and almost every picture of females is portrayed as being skinny, pretty, and flawless. Every day hundreds of girls are diagnosed with eating disorders, depression, and begin self harming because they end up thinking they aren't good enough. They get shown what they ‘should be’ so often that some choose to starve themselves just to attempt to get a ‘nice’ body.

ED's, depression and self harm
Every day hundreds of girls are diagnosed with eating disorders, severe depression, and begin self harming because they end up thinking they aren't good enough. They get shown what they ‘should be’ so often that some choose to starve themselves just to attempt to get a ‘nice’ body'.
The truth about being skinny
In reality, skinny doesn't give us anything, its just skinny, all the things it promises us is a lie, becoming skinny doesn't mean you’ll have the perfect size or weight, because there is no perfect. Being pretty is only a matter of perspective, pretty is a man made thing that we women are pressured to be. True beauty shouldn't be about your face or your “assets” or how skinny you are, it should be who you are on the inside. You are good enough, and if you have to pretend you’re something you’re not then people deserve you, they don't deserve your attention and they certainly don't deserve your time and effort. beautiful does not have to be physical, and it shouldn't be.
Beautiful is the woman who keeps her head up and is proud of her body, just how it is. Beautiful are the women who buy things that fit them, not things they hope will fit one day. Beautiful are the people who hurt and feel insecure and make mistakes but rise above it, and find confidence to admit when they’re wrong. Beautiful is you and me. Beautiful is the struggle and the triumph, and beautiful is the understanding of how necessary the struggle was. Beautiful is loving yourself enough to know you’re worth more than feeling like you’re not good enough, because you are good enough.
Examples of media that dont use perfect images
Girlfriend magazine - in 2006 the magazine began to alert readers to its use of Photoshop throughout the magazine, as part of the "Self Respect" campaign
Newspapers - use pictures of the people exactly how they are
Dove - The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty showcased that healthy body images can and should be included in the media.
Girls are sexually objectified in media and are doing so at an increasing rate as more media content is created. This can put a lot of exposure and pressure on girls. girls as young as six want to look like dolls who were dressed in 'sexy' clothes compared to dolls who were covered up because they associate being sexy and pretty with being the way they want to look and being popular in school.
Oversexulization of females
We should support the media ising real images of people. Sure, corporations that use fake images need to make profits, but it's possible to make profits and positive images at the same time. We should also support the media not making women seem like sexual objects. We are people, we should be treated like it, not just like a piece of meat. The world would be a much healthier place to be in if we werent consistently being attacked by the media about how we look or 'should be', and in saying that its not just girls the media attacks either but the majority of the time it is.
Real images
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