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double bubble map

No description

andrea franco

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of double bubble map

Martin Luther
King Jr. Malcolm X Had a dream like
childhood Middle class Christian Teacher were Gandhi
and Jesus Supported
integration Encouraged blacks
and whites to get
along with whites Peaceful Good child stayed
out of trouble Belived that with
hard work and
non- violent
tacties they would
achieve there goals
of full equality Was pessimistic
about separatism Great speakers Have spent
time in jail Didn't approve of
racism Religious Brought hope
to blacks Fought for
change Fathers were
ministers Know as heroes
of The Civil
Rights Movement Grew up in
an abusive
household Underprivilged Practice Islam Teachers were
Elijah Muhammad
and Marcus Garvey Supported
seperation Encourged blacks
to hate whites Violent extremist Huge trouble
maker growing
up Believed that
violence was the
only answer Was optimistic
about separatism
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