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Roots & Rooting

No description

Lyddy O'Brien

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Roots & Rooting

Feeding social & physical hunger; connecting to earth
Growing up
my journey with gardens
In college
my journey with gardens
In this class...
my journey with food
What may change
Will this course change how I eat, serve, and grow? Will Athens and America change?
"Many colporteurs have gone through conditions of 'repression' to different degrees and in various ways. Consequently they have traveled long and short distances in their lives in search of the 'yet-to-become."
Is further repression of home gardens further harm by the food industry necessary for more people to become colporteurs or revolutionaries and start growing their own food or buying from gardens and farms instead of stores?
What changed
What I realized was how much I'd never realized
Roots & Rooting
Garden Memory Map

Lyddy O'Brien
Gardens were recreational, a hobby, not something anyone did to survive. I grew sunflowers in my backyard and "helped" my grandfather in his flower garden by digging up all the worms.
Cousins' farm & garden
vegetable garden for one summer
best tomatoes, but not a source of subsistence
Food Justice IMPACT trip
SEEDS garden, city gardens
personal benefit of working with earth
still not about subsistence
Gardens are becoming a rarity; keeping a garden is in a way a revolution against the modern food system.
Getting UGArden food for CK is a treat; gardens are not enough to feed the Athens community (yet?)
My roots: no cultural connection to food; I ate what I was served, and now I eat what is convenient, filling and nutritious enough to keep me healthy.
Appreciation of hunger. I do not understand it in an experiential way, but from packaging meals & seeing how much goes into creating one vegetable, I appreciate what it means to have a meal, to be able to eat even if I don't have my own garden, how privileged I am to have parents who can afford to feed me.
A hunger for more:
"Globalization & modernity assault us on a day-to-day basis, dulling our senses, suppressing our natural gag reflex, and habituating us to what Nadia Seremetakis has called "an epoch of tastelessness"
Now that I know there is more, I want it. Processed foods now seem fake. I want genuineness.

Is it not my duty to serve the community of which I am a part?
I helped in a small part to feed seniors, but am I turning the tide of cultural memory loss?
"Cultural memory is relevant to the conservation of biodiversity because it counters the sometimes overwhelming pull to surrender all options to external, prepackaged solutions."
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