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Backyard Gardens

No description

Japneet Toor

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Backyard Gardens

A backyard garden is a Earth friendly way of growing your own organic fruits and vegetables. What Is A Back Yard Garden? Growing your own food gives you the benefit of knowing where your food comes from and what is on it Why Grow A Garden? Growing and then eating organic, pesticide free food is a excellent way to keep you healthy, fit and strong. It reduces food waste because its grown right at home ! Also you will be saving more on groceries ! Growing a garden is like having your own ecosystem in your backyard! Impacts On Our Ecosystem You will reduce the amount of pesticides you intake Save on gas and reduce air pollution Cut down the amount of waste you throw out ( packaged foods ) Flecthers Pay It Forward ! If people actually began to create their own backyard gardens, Flecthers would be a more cleaner environment Give it a thought... If you had a backyard garden , what would you grow? How will it help our environment? What do you think would live in it? If we begin to show some initiative others will see it and do the same If you are not able to grow a garden in your backyard, its okay! You can still contribute by growing a plant inside leaving it on your windowsill. As it gets bigger plant it in your front lawn or place it into a bigger pot and put it into your backyard. Canadians throw out approximatly 40% of food. If its yours , you are less likely to waste it There would more healthy eating and promoting better food safety. Backyard Gardens My Backyard
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