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The Mystery of Croatoan

No description

Michaela Shafer

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of The Mystery of Croatoan

What They Think Happened
Weird Stories
Carroll A. Deering
Some of things that have happened was that Edgar Allen Poe was at his deathbed in a state whispering "Croatoan." Its been scribbled into journals at different times. Like Amelia Earhart had before her disappearance. It was carved into the post of Ambrose Bierce horror author's bed. Ambrose disappeared in Mexico in 1913. The word was also scratched on one of the walls of stage coach robber Black Barts cell. When Bart was released from prison in 1888 he was never seen again. The last one that is known is one of the creepiest of all of them. When t was written in a logbook of the ship Carroll A. Deering. When it hit the land that was once Roanoke Island. But the creepiest part of it no one was aboard the Carroll A. Deering when it hit land.
There only guess was that they tried to return home and never made it there. There were on bodies found anywhere on the island. So, they will never really kow what happened to the "Lost Colony." No one will ever know why Croatoan was carved into the gatepost but there has been many weird things that have happened with the word Croatoan.
Coming to the Lands of Roanoke Island
The Mystery of Croatoan
How they began to call it the lost colony is John White went back to their colony after the war. But when they got there no one was there. They whole colony had disappeared. This is what they call the " Lost Colony."
" The Lost Colony"
No one will ever know who or what killed or attacked them. If they were even attacked or they just tried to leave and ended up wreaking somewhere. Everybody has there own opinion of it but mine is that they were attacked, killed, and eaten.
My Guess
Carroll A. Deering was set to sea on April 4, 1919 in Bath, Maine. Was a five-mast schooner that was built by G.G. Deering Co. It was 255.1 feet long, 44.3 feet abeam, 25.3 feet adn weighed 1,879 net tons. It was on its way back from Rio, when they discovered it aground Diamond Shoals on the morning of January 31. The items that were salvaged were auctioned off on the beach.
Carroll A. Deering
When they first came to the land on July 22, 1587. John Whites daughter was pregnant when they came over. Her baby was named Virginia, was the first child born in the Americas. A nervy group of Native Americans called " The Croatoans" had established a friendly relationship with the colonists. They all thought they were okay until George Howe was killed by a group of Native Americans that's when they had Governor White return to England and ask for help. White couldn't come back because they had a war with Spain. They traveled back to Roanoke Island three years after they had left. When they arrived no one was found on the island everyone was gone. The only thing that was left was two graves and the word "CROATOAN" carved into a gatepost.
Roanoke Island
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