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Psychology programmes’ teaching and learning models in the I

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James Brunton

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Psychology programmes’ teaching and learning models in the I

Psychology programmes’ teaching and learning models in the Irish context
Dr James Brunton
Open Education Unit, National Institute of Digital Learning, Dublin City University

Psychology & Flexibility
The case for flexibility
Provision in Ireland
Barriers to flexible provision
More flexible, 'off-campus' provision of undergraduate Psychology is needed if participation is to be widened and those who are unable to access full-time, campus-based programmes are to be facilitated in achieving their educational goals

Tradition - Funding
Thank you!
European Context
"Practically all higher education institutions of the sample have started to embrace e-learning. Most of the surveyed institutions are using blended learning (91%), integrating e-learning into conventional teaching, but surprisingly 82% of institutions also indicate that they offer online learning courses. Less frequent, but seemingly also on the rise, are other forms of provision such as joint inter-institutional collaboration and online degree courses. Online examinations are likely to become more widely used for all students in all or most disciplines, also for conventionally taught courses. Besides pedagogical and economic motives, the institutions refer to
a growing need for flexibility of time and place
, and better use of resources, benefiting both residential students and a wider range of professional and other lifelong learners." (EAU Publications, 2014, p. 7)

Barriers to Flexible Provision - Irish Funding Model
Irish Context
“Now, more than at any point in our recent history, there is a
economic and
social case
for new initiatives to raise levels of education and skills among adults in the wider population in Ireland” (HEA, 2013, p.4).

Undergraduate Psychology in Ireland

NUI Maynooth Dublin Business School NUI Galway
Waterford Institute of Technology Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art and Design Technology University of Limerick University College Dublin University College Cork Trinity College Dublin Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick Dublin City University (School of Nursing and Human Sciences)

Dublin City University (Open Education)

(UK) Open University
'Off-Campus'/Online/DE - Europe
Universidad Isabel (Spain)

Marconi University (Italy)

Open University (UK)

University of Derby (UK)

Resource Development International (Anglia Ruskin University) (UK)

Barriers to Flexible Provision - Accreditation Guidelines
Teaching and Learning Models
Barriers to Flexible Provision - It is not the Norm
Lack of experience in sector with 'off-campus' T&L models
Different staffing models/Teaching and Learning Approaches

Retention & Progression in 'off-campus' programmes

Psychology practical work in 'off-campus' programmes

The role of programme management

(HEA, 2013, p.12)
(Universities, 2010-2011)
(HEA, 2014, p.13)
(HEA, 2014, p.6)
(All enrolments, 2012-2013)
"While e-learning activities are often driven by individual departments or even individual academics,
faculty e-learning strategies
are not very frequent (13.8%)" (EAU, 2014, p. 8)

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