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raghda bawaneh

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of safety

Thank You!
Any Questions


Raghda Bawaneh(1139776)
Du'ua abo fares (1139381)
Nour Abu Soura(1130450)
Omran Abo ALEZ(1230516)
Mohammd Majdobeh(1130473)

Supervised by....

Dr.Osama Mnazel

1-Addressable fire alarm systems

2-Extinguishing system
3-ventilation system
Jordan Labor Law
advantages of an addressable system
1-sensitive according to current conditions or time of

2- All devices (detectors, manual call points,
sounders & interfaces) are all connected on the
same loop of wires.

3- Each detector reports a smoke value and the
panel then decides whether this is an alarm.

4-Each device communicates directly with the
control panel, so it knows the exact location of
any fire or fault reported

System Zone
Manual Call Points
‘A Manual Call Point’ is a device which enables
personnel to raise an alarm in the event of a fire
incident by pressing a frangible element to activate the
alarm system.
Manual Call Points should be installed at a height of
1.2m above floor level at easily accessible, conspicuous
positions, on exit routes, at the entry floor landings of
staircases and at all exits to the open air

Detector Information
1-Smoke Detectors
In open spaces under flat horizontal ceilings, every
point should lie within 7.5m of a smoke detector.

2-Heat Detectors
In open spaces under flat horizontal ceilings, every
point should lie within 5.3m of a heat detector

ventilation system
1. All laboratories shall have mechanical ventilation.
2. All laboratory rooms shall use 100% outside air and exhaust to the outside.
3. Fume hoods should not be the sole means of room air exhaust.
4.Design for noise levels of 55 dBA or less.
do not provide operable windows.

operation room ventilation
About The Idea
what we did!
KHCC labor injury report form
KHCC Daily checklist form
1. daily checklist, labor injury form.
2. safety certifications.
3. codes.
4. alarm system.
5. statistics & ECODAS
Emergency codes
King Hussein Cancer Center use a special system for safety , it differentiate from the other systems any where else its clear, easy to commit, and do not cause any disturbances in the center

Cases of Losing consciousness and the stop of the heart and lung working
bio-chemical accidents
4- Radiological accidents

Interruption of services

disturbance works
The threat of having existence of bombings or Fund suspicious
Accidents and disasters groups

abduction of children
fire accidents
KHCC safety & environment health department (injuries for 6 months in 2013)
Health Care Accreditation Council
Accreditation Council for Health Care of Jordan has adopted a methodology for the adoption of safety standards in health care institutions to determine whether to apply sum of standards aimed to improving the standards of health care

In order for Health care institutions to agree with the requaried standards that the council post .
The Advanteges of HCAC :-
1.Enhance the safety of the patients.
2. Ensuring an acceptable level of quality among health care.
3.Enhancing organizations’ understanding of the continuum of care by focusing on performance improvement
4.Improve the reputation of the institution, where it attrace customers.

Joint Commission International (JCI)
Independent organization, it location in the United States, a non-profit organization, including 20,500 health organization in the world, is considered a symbol of quality in public safety on the health organizations
To continuously improve healthcare for the public, by evaluating health care organizations and inspiring them to excel in providing safe and effective care of the highest quality and value
The Advantages of JCI
1.It has offices in all the countries that take notice of the health of its organizations.
2. it has a very restricted system of rules ,that the orgnizations must follow it
3. Providing the highest level of safety for the patient

ECODAS company team for more than twenty years has developed systems for medical waste treatment.
King Hussein cancer center use the ECODAS medical waste treatment unit T300 which has a capacity of 300 litter of medical waste per minute average cycle time.
To take more information about the process watch this video (1)
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