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water park prezi

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isaiah close

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of water park prezi

WATER PARK RESERVATIONS Restaurants HOTEL Average room cost-75$ a night
high luxury room-15$ a night
entire hundredth floor-500$ a night TRANSPORTATION Capacity per boat-75
Amount of boats-10
Pricing-free with park admission
Land and water transportation
Life jackets provided
Run time-7AM till 12AM
drop off and pick up every half hour We have a one of kind luxury restaurant called the Pink Dolphin. The staff is nice and will meet anything you will ask for. The food is outstanding! Some items on the menu are: INFORMATION Complimentary breakfast
Jacuzzi and pool
Swim up bar included
Arcade room
Steam rooms When you reserve a spot at Mirage Island you get perks along with numerous other enjoyable features. Here is just a small list of some of them. Reduced taxes on food, drink, and souvenirs
Extended time at pools (custom set)
Unlimited access to the themed areas of the parks
Special menus in restaurants(with identification)
Special Mirage Island trade mark boat at your wish Cheese burger-$3.99
Fish and Chips-$7.99
Fish Fillet-$1.99
and more!!
We have all the ordinary drinks that everyone knows and loves!! We have a unique form of transportation called the duck boats. They are enjoyable for all ages to ride in. some information on them is the following: Our hotels are one of a kind luxury hotels like none other! I can promise you that your stay will be even more fun then you expected. For some information on pricing look below. For some of our amazing features just follow the arrow. By Bryant, Isaiah, Nick, Devin MAIN ATTRACTIONS We have a large variety of exciting rides but here are a few of our main eye catchers The Giga Coaster-The Killer Wave
A Discus-Extreme SurfH2O Bowl-The Toilet BowlA Body Slide-The Death DropAnd-The Stormrunner Here is a quick overview of the park layout now here is a quick overview of the park
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