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The Pearl Song

No description

Alexis Flaherty

on 12 October 2013

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Transcript of The Pearl Song

The Songs of the Pearl
The song of the Pearl
The song "All I do is Win" by DJ Khaled is a zany representation of Steinbeck's The Pearl song of the Pearl because I feel that if someone where to find something that was worth a lot of money like the pearl was in the book that they would think that they were a winner for finding it.
In "All I do is Win" DJ khaled sings " all I do is win no matter what, money on my mind I can never get enough" This example represents a similar idea in the Song of the Pearl because if someone found something that would make them rich they would think that they were winners and money would be on there mind. Both "songs" also define the literary device of symbolism. In The Pearl's song of the pearl Steinbeck says " He wondered what the pearl would be worth."(Steinbeck 28) This is an example of imagery because it makes you imagine money. Similarly in " All I do is Win" by DJ Khaled sings "Got money on my mind." This also is an example imagery because it also makes you think about money. Both songs provide similar opinions about money.
The song of Family
The song "We are all in this together" by High School Musical is a magnificent representation of Steinbeck the Pearl song of the family because in the song it talks about how they go through stuff all together and how they are going to help each other out. In "We are all in this together" High School Musical sings "We make each other strong" This example presents a similar idea in the song of the family because the song of the family is saying how family helps family. In The Pearl's song of the family Steinbeck says "And the rhythm of the family song was the grinding stone where Juana worked the corn for the morning cakes."(Steinbeck 3) This is an example of imagery because you can imagine how the song of the family sounded in Kino's mind. Both "songs" show how family helps each other and that your family will always be there for you.
The song of Evil
The song "Oogie Boogie song" by the nightmare before Christmas sung by Mr. Oogie Boogie Man is a perfect representation of Steinbeck's The Pearl song of evil because the character who sings the song is evil and he sings about doing evil things. In the "Oogie Boogie song" Mr. Oogie Boogie man sings " And if you aren't shaking! There's something very wrong." This example shows how evil the Oogie Boogie man is. Both "songs" show things getting hurt. In The Pearl's song of evil Steinbeck says "Kino's hand leaped to catch it, but it fell past his fingers, fell on the baby's shoulder, landed and struck. Then, snarling, Kino had it, had it in his fingers, rubbing it to paste in his hands. He threw it down and beat it into the earth floor with his fist,.."(Steinbeck7) This shows how much Kino cared about his son and also how evil the scorpion was in Kino's mind. Both "songs"demonstrate evil things that have happened.
My Song of Happiness
The song "Three little Birds" by Bob Marley is an amazing representation of my song of happiness because it reminds me to relax and not stress over everything. In "Three little Birds" Bob Marley sings "Don't worry about a thing because every little thing is gonna be alright." This example is significant because this is the part of the song that tells me to calm down. whenever I hear this song I start to calm down and relax. I listed to this song when I am stressed out and need something to cheer me up.
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