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Leading Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

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Maddy Bright

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Leading Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Leading Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Bible Verses to Know
The FCA Creed!
“ I am a Christian first and last.
I am created in the likeness of
God Almighty to bring Him glory.
I am a member of Team Jesus Christ.
I wear the colors of the cross.

I am a Competitor now and forever.
I am made to strive, to strain,
to stretch and to succeed
in the arena of competition.
I am a Christian Competitor
and as such, I face my challenger
with the face of Christ.

I do not trust in myself.
I do not boast in my abilities
or believe in my own strength.
I rely solely on the power of God.
I compete for the pleasure of
my Heavenly Father, the honor of Christ
and the reputation of the Holy Spirit

My attitude on and off
the field is above reproach -
my conduct beyond criticism.
Whether I am preparing,
practicing or playing;
I submit to God’s authority
and those He has put over me.
I respect my coaches, officials,
teammates and competitors
out of respect for the Lord.
Maddy Bright
Prayer is essential.

My body is the temple of Jesus Christ.
I protect it from within and without.
Nothing enters my body that
does not honor the Living God.
My sweat is an offering to my Master.
My soreness is a sacrifice to my Savior.

I give my all – all of the time.
I do not give up. I do not give in.
I do not give out. I am the Lord’s warrior -
a competitor by conviction
and a disciple of determination.
I am confident beyond reason
because my confidence lies in Christ.
The results of my efforts
must result in His glory.

My Product is a Video on Making a Difference, and STOPPING Bullying!
I chose this as my product because Bullying is a problem in this county, state and country. This year alone four Teens have taken their lives, all of which near by; three in our county. So my FCA students and I decided that it's time to make a difference, and stand AGAINST bullying publically.
Recording the video at Ft. Loudoun Middle School in a 7th grade English class.
My Product Photos:
Recording the stand in a History class.
Recording in a math class where one bully stood up because they wanted to change.
Cutting down the time on my video!
Cutting out the students who couldn't be online (final editing!)
For my Community Involvement I Lead FCA, I packed shoe boxes for the foreign shoe box ministry and packed food bags for the backpack program at Ft. Loudoun Middle School.
Leading FCA:
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) meet once a week in my mentors class room at Ft. Loudoun Middle School. We begin with worship music for about 30 minutes every meeting and then go into a lesson. I gave my testimony to the kids and answered questions they had. I didn't just teach occassionally I built relationships and friendships with them. They are all amazing kids and very strong in their faith and are striving to become closer to God in every way they possibly can. I expect these kids will remain in their faith and I hope and pray I have taught them what they need to remain a strong Christian. This experience was so meaningful to me because at their age I didn't have this guidance and didn't know how to maintain a good christian life, so sharing my story with them hopefully will make them think before they act.
Packing SHoe Boxes:
At First Baptist Church of Loudon I got the chance to take part in the Shoe Box Ministry, where we pack shoe boxes full of toys and simple clothing and hygiene products. This program was started by Billy Graham and are delivered to countries in need all around the world. I know that the children I took the time to serve will be excited and hopefully accept Christ into their hearts. This program is so important to me because I've been to a 3rd world country and I have personally seen the love and smile on a kids face when they recieve gifts of any type.
Packing BackPacks:
Also at Ft. Loudoun Middle School I participated in packing backpacks, which is a program done once a week and are given to the kids in need on Friday before the weekend. We pack food such as: oatmeal, beans, milk and other essential foods so these families wouldn't go hungry over the weekend while not at school. We made 48 bags a week and prayed over every single bag. My expectations are that these kids aren't going hungry and that we're providing enough for them to make it through the weekend. This service is meaningful to me because it breaks my heart that any kid goes hungry so any way to help I want to participate in.
Community Involvement Photos:
Giving my testimony to the kids.
Packing the shoe boxes!
On our way to deliver!
Delivering the boxes!
Such a blessing!
Worshing before we began our lesson!
Ways that this project stretched my education:
This project stretched my education as a Christian. It made me find my balance with God and taught me how to teach this age group and keep them interested. I had to learn one, how to teach kids and two, I had to study more into God's word; so it increased my knowledge and gave me more of an understanding of the Bible and on educating others, which in my opinion was definitely worth all the hours I have spent in doing this project.
Future Plans:
I am an early graduate and I will be attending Pellissippi Community College in January and I will attend there until July, I will get some of my core classes done during this time. Then, in August of 2013 I plan to attend Tennessee Wesleyan and major in nursing to become a nurse practioner specializing in pediatrics. I also hope to minor in ministry so I can continue being involved in serving children.
The things I learned from this project are...
That I can complete a project of this size on time and in a productive manor.
That procrastination will cause stress and is definitely something to avoid.
Also that staying positive is the best way to complete a project and it be presentable.
A few things I learned about myself are..
It is possible for me to teach and present in front of people without worrying myself sick.
Without a question God has called me to minister to childern.
Also, that my testimony can change someones life and I can help others in ways I would have never imagined.
As an FCA leader prayer is the one thing we push to our students as maturing Christians. This is one of the main connections with God and asking for his blessings and assistance. We teach both team prayers and how to pray individually, and also we encourage public praying.
Also in leading FCA I learned that knowing Bible verses is a key to teaching young Christians, or any Christian for that matter. It's especially very important to memorize the key verses of Salvation, such as John 3:16.
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