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gs students

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Egypt

Kenzie 6C
Egypt has a republic government.A republic government is a government that does things based on the law and what the majority of the people need.A republic government is a powerful government.
Over 20,000 people live in there. Most people who live in Egypt are muslim,which means that they believe in god.
Introduction of Egypt
Egypt is located on two continents Africa and Asia.It is known for its early civilizations, pyramids, and all of its wonderful monuments. Egypt is not just a whole bunch of pyramids it is a beautiful place with lots of resources.
Egypt's climate
Egypt's natural resources
Egypt's natural resources are the Nile River, petroleum,natural gas, iron ore, phosphates manganese, limestone,gypson talc,asbestos,led and last but not least zinc.
Egypt's climate is dry, hot and not a lot o rain.Which means that it is a warm climate. Except on the North Mediterranean coast,it recieves more rain in the winter.
Egypt has a lot of tourism which is when people come to visit because of all your ancient monuments and history.Tourism compromises 12 present of the work force in Egypt. Egypt began 8000 years ago.
There are lots of pyramids in Egypt. Out of all the pyramids Giza is the largest. A pyramid know as Khafre is the second largest pyramid in Egypt.
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