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European Youth Polls: Results

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Jacob Düringer

on 30 September 2011

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Transcript of European Youth Polls: Results

In 2011, Immigration and Asylum
have been huge issues in Europe. The revolutions in the Arab world have turned the
world upside down in many ways Picture:Ramy Raoof, lickrused under Creative Commons license. One of them is that people came across the Mediterranean to seek refuge in For example on the Italian
Island of Lampedusa Image Credit: Hans Bickel, used under Creative Commons license. ...which is very close to the
North African coast Image Credit: Norman Einstein,used under Creative Commons license. We, the European Youth Parliament, wanted to know... ??? ...what do young people
think of these issues? ??? So we did what we call
a European Youth Poll Now, what is that? It means we asked few, precise questions... ...on the specific topic of immigration and asylum policy in Europe
...between 13-26 September 2011 ...promoting our Poll to thousands of young people all over Europe. (Because, to be honest: Nobody has ever really asked us) 2352 people under 27 took part... ...and had their say on the issue ...representing 43 European countries... Continue to
find out! ? ? ? ? ? So, what DID they
have to say? Europe. Please switch to
Full Screen Autoplay Both options are available here Welcome to the results of the on immigration and asylum policy in Europe This, of course, raises many political questions... ? ? ? ? ? ?
"When people
seek asylum in
one EU country... Shared Asylum Responsibilities! ...it should be the joint responsibility of all countries to take care of them." Image Credit: Tobias Wolter, used under Creative Common license Here is what young people answered:
Over 78% were for joint responsibilities... ...while 20% were against them. We put our questions in the form of statements with which people could... For example: Young people from all over Europe agreed that they
want their countries to share this responsibility. strongly agree somewhat agree somewhat disagree or strongly disagree Actually, refugees come from many different places. While the North African events made news, asylum seekers come from all over the world. And in fact, Germany and France together take... ...40% of all asylum seekers arriving in Europe Use your arrow keys to navigate back and forth in the presentation for everything to look better You can also choose if you don't want to click yourself Those from countries where many asylum seekers arrive are even more in favour of joint responsibility: 82% 90% 93% While others still liked it, but not so strongly: 62,5% 55% 73% 68% Germany France Italy Finland Poland Czech Republic Romania Common immigration policy! Besides asylum seekers, there are other people who would like to come to Europe. But: § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? From country to country, many laws are different § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § Most young people clearly say: "We should have common EU rules to decide whether someone can stay." But what could these rules be? Should immigration be based only on the EU's economic needs? Young people are very spl it on this issue Almost half agree... ...and almost as many disagree But not only people coming to Europe from outside are causing debates Another issue is free movement in Europe Some countries want to have border controls within the EU or deny workers from other EU countries the right to come This is where young people speak out most clearly: Young people movement in clearly want free
the EU! But what about the part of Europe that is not in the EU or in the Schengen area today? We asked young people if they think: "One day, there should be no border controls or restrictions on movement in all of Europe (not just the current EU)."
The opinions were very different: What people think on this questions has a lot to do with where they live: Young people from the current EU just favour an open Europe by 53% But 70% of young people from countries that cannot travel freely in Europe think an open Europe is a great idea. Roksolana (17) from Ukraine explains why: “Despite the fact that Ukraine and the EU are getting closer during the last few years, we still feel a bit isolated from EU countries. That is why we’re voting for the simplification of migration legal background and opening of the borders” If you found this interesting: will be back soon! To stay in touch. please follow us on Facebook: or visit our Website for all results, politicians reactions and even more analysis: eyp.org/youthpolls This has been a presentation of the facebook.com/EuropeanYouthPolls ...as does immigration to Europe in general and to be easier to read While they disagree on the rules, many young people spoke out clearly in favour of immigration in general: Only some EU policies exist like the "Blue Card" for highly skilled workers EU BLUE CARD Based on: digitale-europakarte.de Based on: digitale-europakarte.de Based on: digitale-europakarte.de Based on: digitale-europakarte.de Based on: digitale-europakarte.de Based on: digitale-europakarte.de Based on: digitale-europakarte.de Based on: digitale-europakarte.de Based on: digitale-europakarte.de Image credit: Jefferey DelViscio, used under Creative Commons license Image Credit: Bernina/axpde, used under Creative Commons license Image Credit: Schwarzkopf Foundation Image Credit: Schwarzkopf Foundation

Image Credit: tactice, used under Creative Commons license Generally pro immigration! No borders in the EU! Economic interests or not? Some borders within Europe?
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