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Mitchell Mackey Why do people feel pain?

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maryann carroll

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Mitchell Mackey Why do people feel pain?

What is pain?
Pain is a bad sense and emotional experience that is normally has to do with injury or potential injury to body tissues.
Can pain be relived?
Opioid drugs work by acting like the natural produced substances that activate pain-inhibiting systems in the brainstem and your spine
What are the centers OF PAIN?
Spine is the part of the skeleton that goes down the center of the back. It is made up of a column of bones called vertebrae. The spine plays an important role in posture and movement, and it also protects the spinal cord.Which is the center of pain.
Why do People feel Pain?
Central Nervous System
As a YouTube Video
Another detail is, pain, a bad feeling experienced when body tissues are hurt or stressed.
Also, pain can be relieved through medications such as aspirin and other antibiotics and through a variety of physical approaches. Relaxation techniques, yoga, workout machines, and counseling can be used to rid or relieve pain.
Relating to this,over and over, the spinal cord sends bad pain up an express "superhighway" to the brain’s pain center, the thalamus.
By: Mitchell Mackey
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