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Forrest Gump Archetypes

No description

Hadil A

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Forrest Gump Archetypes

Character Archetype
Forrest's father NEVER shows up in the movie
Character Archetype
The Outcast
The story of Forrest Gump begins
w/ his childhood
He wasn't considered normal
Wore Leg Braces
I.Q. 75
Character Archetype
Protective Mother/ Mentor
His mother made sure that Forrest got the same opportunities as everyone else
“Mama always had a way of explaining things so I could understand them.”- Forrest
Forrest Gump is sitting on a bench waiting for his bus stop to visit Jenny
The Beginning
Missing Father
Audience infers he left the family
This contrasts to the relationship Forrest will have with his son
Because of his differences, Forrest never fit in
None of his peers accepted him
Situational Archetype
Unhealable Wound
Situational Archetype
Crossing the Threshold
This is where Forrest meets Bubba
Jenny and Forrest taught each other on their tree
Christ Figure
During his run, Forrest physically resembles Jesus
Important Symbols
Going to Vietnam
Forrest meets Lieutenant Dan
Childhood Friendship
Situational Archetype
The only person that befriended him during childhood
She suffers from a PSYCHOLOGICAL wound
It negatively impacts her lifestyle
Her father abused her and her sisters
Nature Archetype
She taught him to read and climb
He taught her how to hang
Character Archetype
The Bullies
There was a time when a group of bullies attacked Forrest with rocks
Jenny then tells Forrest to run
"Run, Forrest, Run"
While running away from the bullies, Forrest's leg braces break and he keeps on running
He discovers his love for running
Running is important in Forrest's life
Trial & Tribulations
Because of his running, he was able to join the football team
Later got to play football in the University of Alabama
Character Archetype
The Dreamer
Jenny wanted to become famous singer
Character Archetype
Damsel in Distress
Character Archetype
The Best Friend
Bubba is Forrest's equal
He doesn't judge Forrest because he's like Forrest
Situational Archetype
Vietnam = Wilderness
During the attack, many men got wounded
Forrest saves most of the men
Haven v. Wilderness
In Vietnam one can never rest
Character Archetype
His family had died in every American war
Lieutenant Dan was willing to die w/ his men
He wanted to fulfill his destiny by dying in the war
The Anti-Hero
Character Archetype
Nature Archetype
River = Force of Life
After the attack in Vietnam, Forrest saves some of the men by carrying them next to the river
Situational Archetype
Unhealable Wound
Feet = Stability
Lieutenant Dan is mad and lifeless after losing feet
Object Archetype
The Square
Represents stability and focus
Depressed, Angry, Hopeless
He is portrayed as disturbing
Mocks religions and sees no hope
Character Archetype
Evil Figure but w/ Ultimately Good Heart
When Forrest is called stupid, Dan quickly defends Forrest
Symbol Archetype
After Forrest buys his boat, he tries to catch shrimp but doesn't succeed
The water at this time is dark
After a storm, Forrest's ship is the only ship that survives
Scene in the movie where it's completely silent
Suddenly decides to run
across the nation, gets recognized
Gives the people hope, inspiration, and answers
He began to gain followers, people run w/ him
My Mama always said you’ve got to put the past behind you before you can move on.” – Forrest

His running represents the fact that we can try to run away from our past, but we cannot completely accomplish that because our past will always be connected to us
Cycle of Life
Tree Stumps usually represent the cycle of life
It was the place that Forrest waited for his school bus
Same tree stump where his son waits for the bus
Going Beyond Boundaries, Travel, Freedom, Journey
Opening Scene : A Feather comes to him
Closing Scene: The Feather flies away from him
Jenny's prayer: Make me a bird, so I can fly far, far far away from here"

She was always on the run
Forrest is always wearing blue
Blue = Innocent
when he wore his uniforms (different persona)
In Vietnam
Dangerous, Death, Nature
At first Forrest struggled with catching shrimp, a turn of events allowed Forrest to become a millionaire in the shrimping business
After his troop got attacked in Vietnam, Forrest was able to save some of the men and received the Congressional Medal of Honor
Forrest started playing ping pong for the army and was later on the national ping pong team
His mother would always read the Curious George book to Forrest and Forrest later on reads the same book to his son
Near his home
Instances where he sits next to the river with his
, and his
Forrest sees Jenny pure and innocent
Important scene between them, she is clothed in white
Also associated with Jenny
Silence = Loneliness & Emptiness
His mother passed away and Jenny left him
He drinks alcohol excessively
Eventually he softens up, makes peace with God and thanks Forrest for saving his life
Lieutenant Dan would always warn his men to take care of their feet
Many times, Jenny is in distress and Forrest is there to save her
River is where they are safe
Haven = Back Home
always on the lookout
He influences Forrest's life
Jenny tries to sing and a man pours his drink on her
Jenny joins Black Panthers and her boyfriend punched her in the face
Jenny was diagnosed with an incurable virus, Forrest offered to take her home and took care of her
Open to opportunities
Searching for a better life
Curious George
Next to the River

Shrimping is now easy
The water at this time is light
Nature Archetype
Wind= Holy Spirit
Hadil Al-Turki
Gayda Al-Sabahi
Fate v. Free Will
Forrest's Mother
Lieutenant Dan
Believed in Free Will
Believed in Fate
“You have to do the best with what God gave you.”
"Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."
Believed that we make our lives
His family members all died in every American War
His "destiny" was to die on the field w/ his men, but Forrest cheated him of that
Believed that everything in life is already planned for us
Storm hits after Lieutenant Dan questions where God is
She had a big influence on his life
Forrest learns how to defeat the bullies in his own way
Whenever Forrest was there, he always helped her
Contrasts to being home
They survive, fight through the pain
Allowed to focus on something other than his experiences in war
Lieutenant Dan loses his legs in the war
Both physical and mental
Strong winds, result in a hurricane, ruins all the ships except for Forrest's ship , they become millionaires
He loses his feet
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