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A Sound of Thunder-Meghan

Should Travis be convicted of murder for killing Eckels

Jeff Sniffen

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of A Sound of Thunder-Meghan

By Meghan Ferri A Sound Of Thunder Court Case Summary Travis Is Innocent! Travis Eckels is the victim of the murderous acts of Travis. He chooses to go on the time safari himself. Throughout the story Eckels tries to act tough, but when they see the dinosaur he cowardly runs back to the time machine and in the process steps off the path and kills a butterfly. This is most likely the reason why Travis ends up killing him in the end. In the story Eckels says this line, "Not a little thing like that, not a butterfly", when he is back in his slightly different future and sees the dead butterfly on his shoe. Before Eckels stepped off the path he should have though about how the butterfly isn't such a little thing after all. Eckels Travis should not be convicted of murder. I mean, he did kill Eckels, but he was asking for it. Multiple times throughout the story Travis warned Eckels to stay off the path. And what did Eckels do? He went off the path. Eckels already messed up time for everyone. Everything including their language and president all changed because Eckels went off the path and killed the butterfly. This goes back to significance and how the butterfly wasn't a "little thing." OK back to the point of Travis. As I said before, Travis gave many warnings to stay off the path. Eckels even knew what would happen if he stepped off, and yet he couldn't help himself. Did Eckels want to ruin the future? Did he,and crazier yet, want Travis to murder him? When Travis killed Eckels he was back in his own time. It wasn't like he went back in time and murdered him because then it would be a whole other story. Travis had every right to kill Eckels. He messed up time for everyone without them even knowing it. Travis is the tour guide for the for the time safari. He is much calmer than Eckels and is the one who ends up killing the dinosaur. He might seem calm and sane throughout the story but when he kills Eckels at the end of the story, you see some of his hidden delirium coming through. The most logical reason for him killing eckels is that Eckels messed up time and Travis didn't see why Eclels should be a part of life anymore. Maybe Travis just got so mad he lost control. Whatever the reason for Travis killing Eckels it definately was for the better. Significance The idea of significance has to do with this line that Eckels said in the story; "Not a little thing like that not a butterfly" which turns out to be not such a little thing at all. Eckels killing the butterfly in the past turned out to change so many things in the future. Him killing the butterfly changed the way they wrote language. For example the "Time Safari" sign that used to look like this;
Now looks like this;
Now you see that the butterfly that Eckels killed wasn't such a little thing after all. Eckels changed the whole English language by killing that butterfly. Significance Example The butterfly that Eckels killed could have been food for a bird. This bird that no longer has food dies. That bird could have been food for a fox. This fox cannot eat this bird so now he dies. This fox could have been food for a human. This human no longer has the fox to eat so he dies of starvation. Time Travel According to the story time travel is moving from one time to another, hence the name "Time Travel." In this story they are moving backwards in time to the time of the dinosaurs. Time Travel may seem grand for some people but for others (and for most) it is very finicky. People might want to go back in time to make all the bad stuff like the "Great Depression" and the "Holocaust" never happen. Well as crazy as this may sound if those horrible things didn't happen then so much stuff that is in our world today might not be here. If it becomes possible to time travel and people go back in time they might "step off the path" and annihilate the future. When Eckels steps off the path and potentially ruins the future he cant go back and fix it. The things that happened because he killed the butterfly will always be there. He can go back in time as much as he wants and not kill the butterfly but everything that changed will stay the way he changed it............FOREVER! More About Significance This is just a little thing about the human in my example. The human dies because he cant eat the fox. The fox dies because he cant eat the bird. The bird dies because he cant eat the butterfly. So you see how important that butterfly actually is. Well lets say that the now dead human was supposed to be an ancestor of someone important like George Washington. Now George Washington was never born and all of his children and grand children were never born. All of the things that George Washington did, including winning the Revolutionary War and becoming president never happened so technically speaking we could still be owned by Britain all because of the butterfly that Eckels killed. Travis Is Not Guilty! Influence of the Scene Besides what the crime is, where it happened is also very important to. We all know that the crime happened after they came back from the safari and Travis realized that things had changed. The crime took place in the "Time Safari" office. This seems like a good place for the crime to be held because it is the first place that Eckels and Travis realize that things have changed. It also reveals something about Travis. Travis didn't wait for Eckels to to say goodbye to his family or say any last words before killed him. He just killed him right when they got back. I thought a little deeper about the whole setting. It seemed a little odd to me that such a big event in the story would take place in a dull office and not the amazing jungle. I realized that if the murder took place in the jungle then when they got back Travis wouldn't have anything major to do when he realizes the change. Since he does it in the "Time Safari" office the readers of the story get to guess what will happen when they get back which is more exciting for them. "A Sound of Thunder" is about the finicky business of time travel. Eckels wants to go on a "Time Safari" to hunt dinosaurs. Once he goes back in time with Travis (the tour guide), and the other hunters, Lesperance, Billings and Kramer he isn't so sure about the whole thing. Before they start the hunt Travis gives Eckels some very valuable information; "Stay on the Path. Do not go off it." Travis also tells him to only shoot the dinosaurs that have a red paint mark on them. When they see the T-Rex Eckels suddenly becomes very scared and runs back to the time machine to hopefully stay hidden from that terrible beast. In the process of running back to the time machine Eckels accidentally steps off the path and ends up stepping on and killing a butterfly. Travis is furious with Eckels because he warned him about all the dangers of going off the path. When they arrive back in their own time, Eckels realizes all the things that changed because of the butterfly that he killed. The "Time Safari" sign, their president all of it is changed forever. Travis is so mad to see what happened and he loses control. BOOM..........."There was a Sound of Thunder." Eckels is now dead. Eckels should have known better. Today We Are Here To Prove That Travis Should not be convicted of murder! Dedicated to Mr.Sniffen!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time Travel is very finicky. Most people think the idea of being able to go back in time and fix their mistakes is grand. Doing that could put you out of existence. People might want to goo back in time to see themselves as babies or as young children. That is the part of time travel that is a paradox. If you go back in time you will never be able to see yourself.People would also love to go back in time and make horrible things like the World Wars and the Holocaust never happen. As crazy as this may sound (but it's the truth) if those horrible tragedies never happened then everything would be different. Maybe even so different, that some people that live in this world today would never exist. In the story Time Travel is moving from one time to another, hence the name Time Travel. When Eckels and Travis are Time Traveling They go back to the time of the dinosaurs. Eckels kills a butterfly in that time and when he returns back to his own time he realizes everything that changed because of something he did sixty million two thousand and fifty-five years before and there is nothing he can do to change it back. Now people might make the argument that you can go back in time and not go off the path, and not kill the butterfly. No matter how many times Eckels goes back in time and tries to fix the mistakes he made, he won't be able to do it. Everything he did will stay that way forever. If time travel does become possible we will have to be very careful because if we aren't then life as we know it will change and it probably won't be for the better. All these people could have somehow been descendants of the caveman. The caveman dies so these people are never born. George Washington If George Washington had never been born then maybe we wouldn't have won the Revolutionary War. He would never have been our first president. Maybe the United States would never have been formed. Albert Einstein If Albert Einstein had never been born than all of the knowledge that we gained from him we now do not have. "Einstein's Theory of Relativity" would never have been created and the whole world would be very very different. George Bush If George Bush had never been born then all of his children, grandchildren and everyone born after him would never have been born. We would never have had him as a president. Maybe (and this is a big maybe) 9/11 would never have happened. Then all of the things that happened because of 9/11 would never have existed. All of those terrorists might still be alive. Maybe even Osama Bin Laden would still be alive. That would not be good. DDedicated to Mr.
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