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How were the living and working conditions during the 1850-1

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Nusrat Alam

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of How were the living and working conditions during the 1850-1

Research Question 1 1850-1914
The Goldrush
In 1850-1914 the working and living conditions for the people kept changing throughout the period. In 1851, the Gold rush was announced. The gold rush in Australia had a dramatic effect against the society in Australia. The gold rush made many people from other sides of the globe to set sails to Australia. The population 400,000 alone with the gold rush the population sky rising to 1,000,000. With different people experiencing Australia, slowly multicultrism formed, with new food cuisines and different cultures mixing together. This is how multicultrism was created in Australia. The benefits of the gold rush was that more money and wealth increased for these people. There were many abandonment of jobs, so wages were high. Many sheep and cattle fields were gold fields, also agricultural fields were removed just for mining for gold. There were less production of animals and less crops. Small towns in the middle of nowhere became busy towns and more movement of people were occurring.
Demand of Food and Goods
With the significant amount of migrants settling in, the population rose having more demand of food and goods. Exports and imports were regularly high and the economic status had risen high. More property and housing were being sold in very high prices. With the more money and luxury, more work facilities were being created, with the new construction more jobs and employers were needed.
Economic Depression
In 1890 Australia faced economic depression. It was a hardship for Australia. One reason was that the gold rush died down. There was a fall in export prices and sales. There was a fall in overseas loan to a reduction in government capital sending. There also was a fall in residential construction. The drought in 1895-1903 also decreased the agriculture and farming jobs were abandoned. During the drought period nearly 4 million ships sunk, which effected the economy. The property prices were high then dropped. The wages were cut low and people were losing jobs. Less productions were happening in Australia. Then Australian workers formed a union about this and gained help with the representatives so the government could hear them. The union talked about their rights and their jobs, also the low wages for their jobs. Other social impacts were that working class children had to leave school at 13 or 14 looking for jobs. They had little future career prospects.
How were the living and working conditions during the 1850-1914?
Bad Australia...
With the good stuff happening, near the 20th century more bushrangers and robberies were forming. Bushrangers escaping and gang members increasing, most people lost their fortunes, mails, goods and wealth. Most of them were killed but many forever gone killing and robbing more.
In 1914 terrible news spread over Australia, World War 1 was going to occur. With all the supplies Australia had, it was all gone more money and agriculture loss. Everything was being sent to the army.
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