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Stormwater Billing

No description

Chris Kleist

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Stormwater Billing

Stormwater Billing
Main Points
Established in 1998
Improved property
Impervious surface
Buildings, parking, compacted gravel
Standard methodology
$4.7M annually
Residential and non-residential

Single Family Residential
1708 square feet impervious
Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU)
Multi-family credits
Square feet of impervious surface
Converted to ERUs
Example: 40,000 / 1708 = 23.4 ERUs
Credits for Best Management Practices (BMPs)
Can Customers Reduce Their Stormwater Bill?
Reduce impervious
Engineered BMPs
Case Study: Duluth Brass
Example: Walgreens West
50,000 sq ft
29.3 ERUs
Example: Burrito Union
13,834 sq ft
8.1 ERUs
Example: Target
Large Site
284.5 ERUs
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