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Old Kingdom Of Egypt

No description

Zeke Potts

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Old Kingdom Of Egypt

The Old Kingdom Of Egypt Food Water Shelter Egyptians introduced irrigation during the Old Kingdom of Egypt. They also predicted the timing of floods and used it to improve farming. The farm monopoly let them take over the surrounding region. .................................................................................. Since wood was a rarity, most houses were made out of sun-baked mud brick (collected from the Nile river) or limestone. Stone was saved for temples and tombs while brick was used for subsidiary buildings. The houses also had flat roofs to sleep or play on. http://egypt.mrdonn.org/homes.html Security Love And Belonging Self Esteem and Worth Citations Staple food of peasants was bread, made from a grain called cyllestis. they made beer from barley. fish was eaten raw or salted and dried. they rarely ate meat. nobles ate meat, fruits, and wine, unlike the peasants. if the peasants ate meat, they got it by hunting or special occasions http://www.reshafim.org.il/ad/egypt/timelines/topics/food.htm The people in the Old kingdom treated their family members with respect and loyalty. Children were especially favored. Poor women took care of their children as well as cooking and cleaning whereas a richer women would higher caretakers and cooks for those jobs. -Swimming
-Javelin Throwing

King-Tut.org -thousands of years ago, Egypt, an isolated region surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, Sahara desert, Nile river, and the Sinai desert, wasn’t in need of a military, as it was protected by natural geography
-No need for defensive walls, and people were secure
-were culturally unified, and unified under pharaoh (Considered god on earth)
-Was no organized army
-Government instead produced infantrymen to come together and do their duty when needed.
-Only mention of a military: Pepi I’s reign (military was needed to expel group of Bedouins)
-(Around end of middle kingdom Hyskos attacked Egypt, and they reevaluated their defense. They formed a military, set up garrisons, etc.) Senet, meaning “passing” was a popular board game played indoors. The game had a checked board known as the "perw" of three rows of 10 squares. Weapons used There were several games that could be played by more than two people. In the game of "snake" (mehen), up to six people could play. It used a long field scratched out on the floor and stone pieces in the shape of dogs, lions and balls that were moved along it. In yet another game, pegs with their tops shaped into dogs, jackals and other animals were stuck into a row of 30 to 60 holes drilled into a board. Weapons were not used often in the Old Kingdom of Egypt, but most infantry came with:
* spears
*copper spearheads
* shields Self Actualization -Gods
-Priests & Nobles
-Merchants & Artisans
-Slaves & Servants www.ancienthistory.abc-clio.com
www.ancientmilitary.com -Papyrus
-Ox-Drawn Plow
-The Pyramids
-Lock and Key The egyptians used art to express themselves. even their writing had an artistic look. they built large pyramids and put carefully added decorations both inside and out. Art was used as a symbol of power. Social structures Inventions Sports ................................................................. The people in the Old kingdom of Egypt's main food was bread from a grain called cyllestis. Egyptians also ate a lot of vegetables like onions, as well as dried fish. Egyptians introduced irrigation during the Old Kingdom of Egypt. The Nile could cause great damage if it flooded more or less then usual but most of the time the Egyptians predicted the floods.
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