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Origin Malting & Brewing

No description

Alberta Prezi

on 25 September 2018

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Transcript of Origin Malting & Brewing

Marketing Plan
What's Your Message?
Strathmore & Wheatland County
Population of 22,544
We're GROWING - 22.6% increase in population since 2011
We're AFFLUENT - Average H.H.I. - $102,962
*source Stats Canada 2016
8,475 Households
Frequency - Saying it often
Consistency - Saying it regularly
Message - Saying the right thing
Frequency + Consistency + Message = Market Share
Marketing Strategy
Be Known Before You're Needed
What will YOU say?
We're ENGAGED - Strathmore Stampede, Canada Day Parade & Festival, Strathmore "Touring the Fields", Hike for Hospice
Leaderboard on the Sports AND Ag pages on StrathmoreNow.com every day!

What's your message?
Agri-Flash Sponsor Tag: Name mention tag during the agricultural newscast time of your choice (11:50am or 4:50pm) Monday through Friday
1x30-second commercial adjacent to the AgriFlash Feature.
By striving to produce and use the best ingredients, Origin Malting & Brewing raises the standard in the craft beer industry to proudly use locally grown and malted barley to match demand for single origin malt, with full traceability back to the family farm! When you support the local malting and craft beer industry you are supporting local and driving companies to use the BEST local ingredients possible!
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