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Collaborate, Communicate and Educate

The changes in Sullivan Heights Education

Nicole Painchaud

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Collaborate, Communicate and Educate

How has our question changed?
We have encouraged our staff to play with new forms of technology and explore possibilities with the use of digital tools. This year we are encouraging more of a focus on assessment both of students and ourselves. Teachers have already begun to explore the use of more 21st century forms of assessment with their students, but we are now encouraging teachers to assess themselves in reflecting on their practice, looking at what’s working and what’s not, and basing changes to their practice on those observations. English filming for play acting - peer assessment (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Apps we use Teachers' Blogging Research Finds
Stats for Blogging http://sullivanheights21stcentury.blogspot.com/ Means of Communication for the
School & Sports events at Sullivan Heights Pro D Goal Sheet The Booking of Ipads &
Computers The School Blog
on the School Site Communication with Parents The Wiki itself - notice the calendar of events We Tweet for info, and for
building spirit, We follow network
groups/blog lists We continue to find ways to grow. We network in
and outside our district For the sake of the children in our care. Thank you The School Explores different
manners of assessment And different means of learning We use COWS, iPads, & personal devices to engage the students and support learning Recent Stats This month Every Teacher set goals at the start of the 2011 year to improve their 21st Century Skills. Stats for our Research compared to 3 monthes ago The use of Twitter to communicate up to date info and student achievements - Live twitter feed Using Tags for easy access to info that is relevant to the user We're now at over 100,000 Tweets What do we want to improve?
We concentrated on the exploration of different means of learning, technology and student assessment. Although teachers made observations of the effects of these changes in their classrooms, this year the staff at Sullivan Heights will be concentrating on assessing their own practises, looking for the value of these changes, both in the reception of learning by students, as well as the continuation of learning outside the classroom. Teachers need and want to explore if their learning and the changing of their teaching methods are making a positive difference in the lives of the students. How are we documenting our progress?
Teachers document/write their inquiry of interest - stating goals, possible obstacles, and needs to perform their inquiry.
Teachers are given the opportunity to share aspects of their research that can help one another through discussion, department meetings, and Professional Development
Teachers assess their progress towards their learning inquiry with pre and post lesson teacher assessment sheets, student assessment, self and peer evaluation, observations, and data from blogs and wikis.
Teachers are blogging their learning and sharing it out to others - networking in and outside their environment
Summary of learning posted on central blog and shared with all staff
Possible assessment from mentor or colleague for unbiased observations.
Surveys conducted using Survey Monkey.
Sullivan Heights Inquiry Question
How can we help students in the 21st century become more engaged, more active in learning through the use of Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy combined with 21st century assessment? (bold characters represent a slight change in our wording) We have Edited our Goal Sheet
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