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Digital technology Jacob Ryan

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 30 August 2017

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Transcript of Digital technology Jacob Ryan

I can use a word document to type my narrative and use different fonts.
I can also use a word document to add images.
Explain Everything
I used this to record my maths computation strategy.
I can also use Explain Everything to draw and add pictures.
It helps me make a presentation with words and pictures
I can share my power point so people can see it.
Digital technology
by Jacob Ryan
Word Document
I can see my teacher and talk to her
I can also use Skype to see if my teacher is showing me anything.
Power Point
I can put my work on it so my teacher can see it.
I can also use Life to upload videos and leave a message for my teacher.
I can use the i-pad to go on to Explain Everything.
I can access other apps and google. I can take pictures and make videos.
Desk Top
I can use the desktop to access the Word document.
I can also use the desktop to search for information using google, take pictures and use other programs.
I can see my teacher and talk to her on Skype using my phone.
I can also text and call my teacher using the phone.
Click on programs and move around the screen.
I can also highlight words in a word document.
Key Board
I can use the key board to type my work.
I can also use the key board to play games. It can be used instead of a mouse.
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