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No description

renu landage

on 17 November 2017

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Transcript of Zoos

By Rachel Landage
Zoos have TOO many animals
Some zoos use euthanasia to solve their problem.
Zoos are different from an animals natural habitat
Zoos put a lot of stess on the animals
Humane or Barbaric?

They cause animals to become mentally distressed
They even give some animals such as polar bears anti-depressant medication
Zoos really do have an affect on animals, and it defiantly isn't a positive one.
Killer whales in captivity become more aggressive and much more likely to attack.
Others give their animals to circuses.
If we want to gain an appreciation for animals,
we wouldn't lock them up, instead we would do our part to keep the world clean, recycle, ect. NOT lock them up!
Why are some zoo's good?
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