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No description

Ivan Miranda

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Robot's

Artificial Intelligence
Feelix Growing combines eight European robots to develop the first robot to express emotion
Amazon is experimenting with drones delivering to homes: Amazon "Prime Air": 4-5 years
Military Robots
Drones: killing from another country
(Breakthrough Intelligence via Neural Architecture, 48)
Ethics and Society Values
Robots taking over people's jobs...
If a self-driving car is in an accident, who is at fault: the car maker, the programmer or the car owner?
Who is at fault if the robot does something illegal?

Consumer Goods
Medical Field Technology
Prosthetic Limbs
Trying to replicate movement, grip and strength is difficult

Their Potentiality

What IS a Robot?
DaVinci Surgical System
-Doctors performing surgery remotely

Even though we think of robots as being electronics with movement, another way to think of them is electronics that monitor themselves. Many items from thermostats to vacuums to lights and cars monitor themselves...
Google Self Driving Car
Google: Never had an accident on its own
Gov. Brown made it legal in California to have a self driving car.
Volvo, Mercedes and others have car that stop in traffic if less than 30 mph
Drones in Consumer Use
Automating our lives
Nao learns by mimicking human movements
Nao uses video cameras to detect proximity to humans and objects.
Also uses sensors to detect how tactile they are
Uses neural brain network to remember interactions
Nao has been programmed to mimic the emotional skills of a one year old child.
Meet Kaspar
Kaspar is robot designated for children with autism
Created by Dr. Kerstin Dautenbach
Tactile Sensors enable Kaspar to encouarge certain behaviors while discouraging others
Biological integration is the next step in robotics
Elecroencephalography (EEG)
New tech uses
electrodes to
detect electric
currents in the
motor cortex
Controlling a Robot
With Your Mind
Mirror neurons are cells located in the brain instrumental in the processes of imitation and behavioral understanding
Imagine the ability to live forever—through a robot!
"The fact that she was born in software rather than flesh is irrelevant to whether or not she is a person, just as one does not loose personhood by being born in vitro via IVF or by having a mechanical heart; one cannot be denied personhood based on their substrate"
Nao has been programmed to have different personalities
Can be more independent or needy and distressed.
Emotions pre-programmed, but Nao decides by himself when to display them.
A robot is any machine that can do the job of a human
New projects are working on copying our own "biological firmware"
into robots!

The connection between observed and executed actions
BINA48 has a human
counterpart named Bina Rothblatt who has spent over 100 hrs giving BINA "personhood"
What would be
perfect robot?
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