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Become a Superhero, Not a Zombie

The choice is yours

Dan Sproles

on 2 December 2016

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Transcript of Become a Superhero, Not a Zombie

Mindfulness Mindlessness Harmonious
Passion Meaningfulness Flow Peak
Performance Enhanced
Well Being Peak
Experience Development
of Abilities Psychological
Training Physical
Training Philosophical
Training No Passion Meaninglessness (Existential Vacuum) Depression Addiction Aggression Driven
to Consume Deterioration of
Society Contribution to Society Deliberate
Practice (Identification of Valued Goals) Creativity Pleasant Life Theoretically conceptualized by three exemplary lifestyles Positive Psychology: What is happiness? Not a Zombie Become a Superhero Three Phase Training Program Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Mindfulness & Psychological Skills Training delivered through the practice of Aikido Targeted Outcomes: Centeredness
Physical and psychological self-regulation
Attunement (perception of optimal challenge-skill balance)
Participation in activities that afford opportunities for flow state Vision Quest: Utilization of various meditation and imagery techniques while on a hike in a wilderness setting Targeted Outcomes: Creation of a personal mythology
Identification of self as hero
Unified Flow Experience Loving Kindness Meditation & Non-violence Targeted Outcomes: Enhanced compassion
Expansion of one's "circle of responsibility"
Skills used to help others Meaningful Life Engaged Life "The fullest representations of humanity show people to be curious, vital, and self-motivated. At their best, they are agentic and inspired, striving to learn; extend themselves; master new skills; and apply their talents responsibly… Yet, it is also clear that the human spirit can be diminished or crushed and that individuals sometimes reject growth and responsibility… Such non-optimal human functioning can be observed not only in our psychological clinics but also among the millions who, for hours a day, sit passively before their televisions, stare blankly from the back of their classrooms, or wait listlessly for the weekend as they go about their jobs… "
Deci & Ryan (2000)
Separation Initiation Return
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