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Black holes

No description

Aashima Singh

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Black holes

By Romy and Aashima Is it possible to create a Black hole on planet Earth? What are Black holes? How are they formed? What is at the end? Different types of Black holes Key Questions A black hole is a region in space where gravity pulls in so much that even the light cannot escape. The gravity is so strong because an extreme amount of matter has been squeezed into a tiny space. Singularity Stellar black holes

some spin, some don't What is a black hole?
How are they formed?
Can you escape one?
What is at the end of a Black hole?
Hawking Radiation
Different types of Black holes
how can you detect one?
Who discovered them first?
How do they effect the Universe?
Making a black hole on earth
the risks
The Answer
Sources Making a Black hole on Earth The Risks THE ANSWER How do Black Holes affect the universe? Black holes suck up anything, they are a major problem to every galaxy because eventually they can get big enough to devour the entire galaxy, but in the case of our galaxy there will not be major effects by black holes. Black Holes Sources Boundary of the black hole
"point of no return"
Schwarzschild radius How do you detect one? Event horizon Critical density
Star death - Supernova

Gravitational collapse -> Infinite mass at the center of a black hole
matter is crushed to infinite density
the pull of gravity is infinitely strong Hawking Radiation Pair of subatomic particles near a black hole
negative goes in
positive escapes -> seen as radiation And if you fall in? spaghettification cause: tidal force collision of protons Who discovered black holes? White holes the opposites of black holes some theorists say
gravity becomes large at very small distance -> Extra dimensions Q: Is it possible to create a Black hole on planet Earth?

A: It is possible to create black holes on earth, however, none that would be big enough to do any real damage as they would evaporate within seconds. no risks as the black hole would evaporate Pierre Simon Laplace
French mathematician
studied the subject of escape velocity
discovered the relationship between the size of an object and its mass Mass estimates from objects orbiting a black hole or spiraling into the core Gravitational lens effect Emitted Radiation (radio wave telescope) websites:
George's secret key to the Universe by Lucy & Stephan Hawking, 2007 in Great Britain
Astrophysics and Cosmology by Roger Muncaster, 1997, England Thank you for listening!
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