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The Storyline productivity schedule

No description

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of The Storyline productivity schedule

Thing about SPS is:
Forces you to work on most important projects first
Forces you to only focus on three important projects per day
Kills off mental bugs that cause procrastination
Limits the number of appointments you will take
Builds in rest and reward so your mind recharges and is capable of working harder in the long run
Allows open-ended work sessions so the clock works for you rather than you for the clock
If I could live today over again I'd
A mental trick that allows you to assess what's really important and learn from past mistakes before you make them.
Keep you from getting caught up in trivial problems and allow you to focus on what really matters.

My life/job theme
Writing this will help you:
Gain clarity by giving you a decision filter through which you can weed out projects and tasks that aren't you
Live free from regret by insuring your work is moving in the direction of your life/job theme
To Do List
Putting it on paper will help:

Relieve stress by getting smaller items off your mind and onto paper
Increase your dependability by insuring you've got the little stuff written down and can follow through after you tackle the big stuff
Increase productivity by daily writing down and accomplishing tasks
Keep you from forgetting the little stuff
Don't need to manage time better, need to manage mental energy better
3 Keys to extreme productivity:
To attend
- focus on one thing until serious progress has been made
To inhibit -
a strong ability to inhibit distractions from getting through
A working memory
- need to be reminded throughout the day of what we are supposed to be working on
Things I get to enjoy today
Writing this will help you:
Gain a sense of calm by reminding you life is, in fact, enjoyable.
Focus on work now because you know you get to enjoy something later.
Be more present with others later in the day knowing you got your work done earlier.
The Storyline productivity schedule
Most people worry about all the stuff they have to get done but doing this you'll realize most of the stuff you worry about isn't worth it.
Project One

What is that major project you need to focus on?

Tips for tackling Project One:
Develop a morning routine and repeat it 5 or 6 days each week
Ignore all morning criticism
Start working as fast as possible before anything can interrupt you
Consider if the number you have is affecting your ability to do your work. If so,make sure you're not using appointments/meetings to put off the work you know you should be doing.
Writing this will help you by:
Helping you focus on the one major project that must get done
Making the whole day feel better because you got the important work done early
Increasing productivity by focusing on one thing, every day, until it's done
Writing down Rest/Reward breaks between project sessions helps you:
Take intentional breaks to rest your mind
Increase productivity because you recharged
Stimulate creativity by getting your mind focused on something else, allowing inspiration to come on its own terms
Time Management
No set time for when you will start or stop a project. Marking how long you worked on a project AFTER you've completed each session allows positive emotions to be associated with your work, contributing to your sense of accomplishment and increasing the chances you'll want to come back to do more work.
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