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Artifacts from the Future

No description

Raymond McCauley

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Artifacts from the Future

from the Future

Welcome to Hong Kong, 2030
Hong Kong Backstreet Biomarkets 2030

What other stories do you find? For birth control? Recreational drugs? Pandemic control? DIYEuthanasia? Sexual aids, chastity devices, personality hacking? Longevity?

Design a product. Be prepared to pitch it.
Consider regulatory, legal, ethical, economic issues.

Wearables. Implantables. Cancer vaccines. Brain augmentation. Mental state communication. Body mod. Genetic enhancement modules. Vertical farming seed modules. Environmental testing kits. Organ replacements. Corrective orthopedics. DNA testing and repair kits. Hacked vegetables. Data tattoos. Surgical robots. Bespoke monoclonal antibodies. Sense augmentation. Attack wasps, blood detox leeches, surveillance beetles, petroleum seeking moles, encrypted messenger pigeons...
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