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Health and Sanitation in Elizabethan Era

Health, Diseases, Living Conditions in 1590

Senthuran Senthil

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Health and Sanitation in Elizabethan Era

- People would throw their wastes out their window.
- Also, they would throw their dead cats and dogs.
- When it rained, the waste and dead animals will flow down the pipe.
- Due to raining, people used to carry the waste and put it at the end of the sewer.
- Kites were the only thing that kept the city clean. A Kite is a scavenging bird that would swoop down an eat the dropped food. Kites were the only aid that London had to keep the city clean.
By: Ibrahim Jadoon & Senthuran Senthil

Health and Sanitation in the Elizabethan Era
Everyday about 300 people will line up at the hospital. A nurse will choose about 30 people from the crowd to take care of. The capacity of the hospitals was 206 people. There were a group of Nurses called the Eight Sisters who take care of the ill patients over night. Doctors only worked in the cities. There were no doctors in the villages.
A Doctor's Education
Doctors and surgeons were not very educated. To become a doctor, you must have a University education and get training from the College of Physicians. Surgeons were inferior than physicians often acting as assistants due to the fact that surgery was their last option (sometimes performed by barbers).

What Elizabethan Physicians Wore
College of Physicians

Founded in 1518, the College of Physicians was created to educate those who desired to become doctors. To be issued a license, a doctor has to have a mandatory university education. Using do their training on dead criminals.

Who/What is this?

An Elizabethan Physician wore their body
completely covered from head to toe with boots and gloves. They always wear a mask with a pointy nose and holes to see through.
Physicians were suppose to dunk themselves in vinegar before seeing the ill.
The Black Death
(Bubonic Plague)
- Carried by fleas living on rats
- Spread from person to person
- Killed more than 1/3 of Europe

Symptoms: red, grossly inflamed and swollen lymph nodes, and high fever.
- Spread from person to person
- Occurred 2 years before Shakespeare was born.
- Although the Queen recovered she wascompletely bald and forced to wear an extra of make-up
- Symptoms: Vomiting, High Fever, and Excessive Blooding
- Caused by mosquito bite
- Symptoms: Vomiting, Unbearable Chills, High Fever, Low Blood Pressure, Enlarged Liver, Seizures or a Coma
Medicinal Knowledge
- Average life expectancy is 42 years.
- Only 8% lived into their 70s
- Considered a senior citizen when 50 years old
- Had limited knowledge about sanitation and medical treatments
- People believed that diseases were caused by terrible odors.
- People believed that diseases were results of a bad soul
- Population increased but sanitary conditions got worse
Diagnosis and Cures
Determining a person's illness based on the person's odor and urine colour.

If a person's liquids became imbalanced, you will considered to be ill. Doctors would cure patients by removing or adding bile and blood.

Thank You!
Water was a large problem. The richest people had a well to take their water from, or got it pumped into their home but mostly all people were not rich. Most people grabbed their water from the public fountain but it was dirty . The middle class people got water usually from water carries, who went from house to house bring barrels of water to each house. This water, however, was pumped in from the Thames River ; the river was disgusting, because sewage and waste were constantly being dumped into it . The water was dirty so most people used make up but it contained mercury.
- Believed to from traveling Spaniards.
Symptoms: intense fever and body aches, puss filled sores (pustules), meningitis, insanity and leaking heart valves
- Lice
- It would defecate on a person's skin
- Prisoners would die in a week after they went to jail due to lice.
Symptoms: High fever, Delirium and Dangerous Sores
Elizabethans usually treat wounds by putting on boiled oil. They believed this would cure their wound along with some prayers. One day he ran out of oil, and instead just washed the wound with water. The realized that water was more affective than oil.

- Bubonic Plague ( The Black Death )
Bubonic Plague was treated by applying butter, onion and garlic. Various other remedies were tried including tobacco, arsenic, lily root and dried toad!
- Head Pains
Head Pains were treated with sweet-smelling herbs such as rose, lavender, sage, and bay.
- Stomach Pains and Sickness
Stomach pains and sickness were treated with wormwood, mint, and balm.
- Lung Problems
Lung problems given the medical treatment of liquorice and comfrey.
Vinegar was widely used as a cleansing agent as it was believed that it would kill disease.
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