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Revise vs. Edit

No description

Kathryn Tilley

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Revise vs. Edit

Revise vs. Edit
Think ARMS
What's the difference?
Think CUPS
dd: sentences & words
emove: unneeded words & sentences
ove: change a sentence or word placement
ubstitute: trade words or sentences for others

apitalization: names, places, months, titles, I
usage: match nouns and verbs correctly
unctuation: periods, quotation marks, commas, question marks, etc.
pelling: check all words - use a dictionary!
focuses on the content within the text of the writing
focuses on the spelling, grammar, and mechanics
"It was a simple coincidence, of course, like many events that make us smile and which we forget every month of our lives. To me it seemed to contain some hidden significance, and I could not clear my mind of the impression. When my wife came back from the living room I turned to her with the book in my hand, having opened to the page on which I had been reading only the night before, and I held it out to her with a sort of boyish expectation that she was going to be immediately interested also." (100 words)

"It was a simple coincidence, like thousands of events that make us smile and then forget about, but I could not clear my mind of the impression that it contained some hidden significance. When my wife returned from the kitchen, I held the book out to her, opened at the page where I had been reading the night before. I felt boyishly expectant that she would immediately be interested also." (72 words)

Carlo, Ruth. "How To Condense Your Thoughts and Words to Write
Better Articles." Freelance Writing. 2013. Web. 23 October 2013.
"There is but one art - to omit." - Robert Louis Stevenson
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